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ViClarity's essential software platform saves you: Time & Money, delivering: Accountability, Efficiency & Simplicity.

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ViClarity is an innovative platform that allows you to track and manage all your compliance in one system and provide powerful reports. You can build your own checklists or choose from our many pre-populated templates and customise to suit the exact needs of your Organisation.

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The final run of the ViClarity "5K A Day" in aid of Mental Health Ireland took place on Saturday December 17th at the ViClarity office in Tralee. This was the tenth run in ten consecutive days that the ViClarity team had set out on since the launch of the fundraising campaign on December 8th. [caption id="attachment_1488" align="alignright" width="300"]img_3213 ViClarity Staff Accompanied By Catherine & Cathy from The Tom Crean Centre During The Final 5K Run[/caption] There have been a lot of sore bodies and tight muscles around the office in the last ten days but it has all been worth it in the end. The team are delighted to have raised funds of €1200 so far for Mental Health Ireland with ViClarity also donating to the charity. John McElhinney, Area Development Officer at Mental Health Ireland for Clare and Limerick visited the ViClarity office on Monday for the presentation of a cheque for €1200 and thanked everyone for taking part in raising vital funds for the charity. John spoke about the importance of such a fundraiser in not only raising money for the charity but also creating awareness for Mental Health and showing it is okay to ask for help. He hopes that the runs will encourage others to get out for a run or walk as being active is important for sustaining a persons mental health and wellbeing. The ViClarity staff would like to thank everyone who donated to the fundraiser so far and have decided to implement the run into their weekly routines for 2017 and will go for a run at least once a week. There is still time to donate to the cause and donations can be made here.
On Thursday December 8th the ViClarity Team set out on the first leg of their "5K A Day" fundraiser in aid of Mental Health Ireland. This year marks the 50th anniversary of Mental Health Ireland and to celebrate this achievement the ViClarity Team will seek to run 5 kilometres a day for 10 consecutive days, reaching a total of 50 kilometres, 1 kilometre to mark each year of Mental Health Irelands existence. [caption id="attachment_1459" align="alignright" width="227"]img_3136-1 Ogie Sheehy CEO of ViClarity leading the way during the "5K A Day" charity run.[/caption] The launch run of the series took place today starting at the ViClarity office in the Tom Crean Centre. The team set out on their 5km chosen route, running toward Tralee town before looping around and returning to the ViClarity offices. The aim of the run is to raise vital funds for Mental Health Ireland and to mark their tremendous achievement in reaching 50 years of helping people with mental health difficulties all around Ireland. The run combines Mental Healths Irelands guidelines for "Five Ways for Wellbeing" which include connecting with others, being active, taking notice, keep learning (try something new) and finally giving. The ViClarity "5K A Day" has even reached the Southeast of the United States of America. A special mention must go to Richard Butti of ViClarity who is based out of Atlanta, Georgia. Richard put on his running shoes for an early morning run this morning and set out on his 5K at the same time as the rest of the ViClarity Team. Richard was happy to be able to contribute to such as great cause as Mental Health Ireland. [caption id="attachment_1460" align="alignleft" width="169"]Richard Butti joining in The ViClarity 5K A Day in Atlanta Richard Butti joining in The ViClarity 5K A Day in Atlanta, Georgia[/caption] For charities such as Mental Health Ireland "giving" is very important as the funds donated are used to run the charity year after year. ViClarity will be making a donation to Mental Health Ireland at the end of the "5K A Day" fundraiser. If you are interested in donating to Mental Health Ireland you can do so through the ViClarity event page at Any donations are welcome as every cent counts. To keep up with how the ViClarity fundraiser is going you can follow our social channels on Twitter and LinkedIn.    
On Thursday December 1st ViClarity held our Christmas Training Event for our credit union clients at the Maldron Hotel Newlands Cross Dublin. The opening address from Ogie Sheehy CEO of ViClarity set the tone for the day as he welcomed all the credit union officials who had travelled on the cold December morning. Ogie outlined the agenda for the day which included expert risk and compliance training from David Montgomery of EisnerAmper, ViClarity updates, festive games and plenty of prizes to be given away. img_3089 David Montgomery, Head of the Risk & Regulatory team at EisnerAmper was the keynote speaker on the day and provided guests with excellent insights and tips around risk & compliance for credit unions. David worked at The Central Bank for 12 years and was involved on panels that introduced the PRISM regulations for credit unions. He was able to provide first hand experience and tips for ensuring credit unions can successfully manage risk & compliance. Following Davids training Dean Roche and Brain Hillary advisors at EisnerAmper  joined him to hold an expert Q&A session with the audience. It was a very interactive session which provided excellent information for the credit union officials and staff. Following Davids expert risk & compliance training Grainne Campion of Clogherhead Credit Union was the next speaker. Grainne provided a thorough and informative account of the journey credit unions go through when taking the first step on the road to managing risk & compliance. After taking up the role of Risk Officer at Clogherhead Credit Union she faced the burden of gathering and reporting all the risk & compliance data in the credit union. Grainne spoke honestly about the difficulty of the task at the beginning but once she came into contact with ViClarity she found that the ViClarity solution was the perfect fit for her credit union. Grainne found that ViClarity made the gathering of compliance data much easier, managing and mitigating risks became much more manageable as the solution provided live dashboards and reporting features that made key risks easier to identify. Next on the agenda was The ViClarity Christmas Song Competition where guests had to guess the song and the band who sang it from snippets of famous christmas songs. Tom Ryan of Aughrim Credit Union proved to be the musical expert on the day with an impressive 10 out of 14 correct and he was awarded a spot prize for his knowledge. Ogie Sheehy then provided an update on new features in the ViClarity solution. Ogie outlined the best and most efficient ways of pulling reports from the ViClarity system and using them to put together a comprehensive pack to be given to board members. Ogie answered some excellent questions from the audience and was happy to provide them with tips and solutions for their queries. After all the talks were over the group then went upstairs for Christmas dinner and more games were played and prizes given away. Congratulations to the main prize winner on the day Rose Gilmont from Stillorgan Credit Union who took away the hamper. [caption id="attachment_1450" align="alignleft" width="300"]Grainne Campion of Clogherhead. Grainne Campion of Clogherhead speaking about her experience with the ViClarity Solution.[/caption] ViClarity would like to thank all speakers on the day including Dave, Dean, Brian and Grainne and congratulate everyone who won a prize on the day. A special thanks to all that attended on the day and last but not least we would like to wish everyone a Happy Christmas from ViClarity.
captureDue to ViClarity's recent sucess stories in the Healthcare market, including our recent work with the HSE, Ogie was invited to speak at the Internet of Things World healthcare conference in the Convention Centre Dublin today. Ogie, along with other companies presented themselves and their position and work within the healthcare markets in Ireland and abroad. ViClarity's healthcare market has grown from strength to strength in the past twelve months and with this success we can share our experiences with other companies. To find out more about the IoT World conference, please click here
ViClarity were one of a number of local Kerry companies in the Technology and Science sectors that were chosen to take part in the 'STEM in Kerry Showcase' which was held in the Institute of Technology Tralee last Saturday. The inaugural event was a roaring success saw approximately 3000 people from every age group attending. There were dedicated workshops for children which focused on Lego Machines and Mechanisms, Maths, Microscopes, Spectroscopy, Rockets and Bubbles. Those who took part in these workshops experienced a wide range of science experiments, many of which relate to our every day lives. They also took part in making homemade microscopes, Lego robots and leaning about the science of bubbles. 20161119_110601The event on Saturday saw the launch of Kerry's newest jobs website which focus on Science and Technology related jobs, ViClarity was proud to be part of the exhibitors which focused on the 'careers in STEM Event' where we spoke to college students looking to begin their careers in STEM related industries and also younger students who had questions about the best route to take when looking for a career in STEM. Dr Aoibhinn Ní Shúilleabháin, broadcaster and lecture, facilitated a very interesting and captivating panel discussion where company representatives spoke about varied STEM careers available to graduates in Kerry and beyond.

We are delighted to be a proud support of this event and we are looking forward to next years one already. If anyone met us on the day and wants more information please feel free to contact us on

Paul Griffin of ViClarity met with Leo Varadkar, Minister for Social Protection at the Limerick Chamber Presidents Dinner and Business Awards on Friday evening. The awards went off very successfully and ViClarity would like to congratulate all award winners on the night.
Find out how Rivermark Credit Union used ViClarity's Branch Certifications Solution to help with automating the management, collection and collation of information from their multiple branches. Click here to read the full case study.

ViClarity were delighted to attend the PWC launch of their joint Client Assets Automated Service for investment businesses. The launch took place on Tuesday October 25th at the PWC office at Spencer Dock Dublin. Paul Griffin of ViClarity demonstrated the ViClarity Solution to attendees of the launch and showed the capabilities the solution which include;
  • Enables companies to focus on activities that will have material effect on compliance.
  • Provides an ongoing monitoring process to assure investors and the board of compliance with regulations.
  • Enables the management of compliance by delivering real transparency and detailed reports.
  • Reduces the time taken to establish actions that need to be taken to ensure compliance
  • Delivers highly visual reports in real time.
The tool will provide a gap analysis and compliance monitoring that will significantly reduce the time taken to assess the degree of readiness of investment banks. CAR / IMR regulation, together with guidelines has been tabulated by PwC and loaded into this automated workflow driven process. This process will deliver a report identifying both material and non-material non-compliances, and enable the firm to focus resource on relevant areas at an early stage. The process is designed to make the on boarding of new compliance obligations more dynamic and to bridge the gap between processes already in place and new requirements. ViClarity’s compliance monitoring tool automates time consuming monitoring processes and enables a firm to focus their resources on key areas of non-compliances.
Enter your details to download the ViClarity Brochure. [email-download download_id="1374" contact_form_id="1373"]
The aim of many aspiring entrepreneurs or SME owners around the world is to grow their company into multi branch facilities. Many companies expand by adding offices or stores in different cities or countries. The expansion into new markets provides valuable opportunities to the company while also posing challenges which are necessary to overcome in order to be successful. “Approximately 543,000 new businesses get started each month but more employer businesses shut down than start up each month”. (Forbes) This fact alone highlights the volatility of the business environment and for financial businesses they have the added burden of complying with strict regulations imposed by bodies such as The Central Bank and The Financial Conduct Authority. A business opening numerous branches must take into the account the dangers associated with expansion while recognizing the need for the implementation of a system that can successfully manage all their branches details in one centralized view. One of the top 20 reasons for financial business closures stems from a lack of control in cash flow. This lack of control becomes more difficult to manage depending on the volume of branches within the business network. Let’s take a look at these challenges in more detail;
  1. Time Management - Managing various branches from a centralized location can often be a difficult task requiring onsite visits and endless hours chasing up documentation from numerous individuals in the various locations.
  1. Complicated work assignments– It becomes harder to work on certain types of tasks or to collaborate on them if the employee is based on the other side of the country.
  1. Project Plan “Amnesia” – It’s easy for managers to forget about tasks due for completion in other branches when work starts to pile up in their own location. This can result in missed deadlines and projects falling behind schedule.
  1. Recordkeeping and Other Infrastructure Needs – Expanding businesses must establish or update systems for monitoring cash flow, tracking inventories and deliveries, tracking surveillance/alarm tests, updating management & employee coaching sessions, and countless other aspects.
  1. Compliance & Risk Monitoring – It’s difficult for a company to ensure every branch is operating under the strict guidelines outlined by The Central Bank or The Financial Conduct Authority. Without a system that can track aspects such as staff policy signoffs and risk reporting, the danger of breaching regulatory rules becomes more of a concern.
So now that we have seen the challenges of managing a multi branch company….DON’T PANIC….There are solutions out there that will manage all of these challenges and more in one centralized location.

The Solution – ViClarity Branch Certifications Module

ViClarity Compliance Monitoring Solutions is the vendor whose solution can span the breath of the organization. Its capabilities are so much more than being able to fulfil the needs of one department.  The Branch Certifications module is one of many solutions offered by ViClarity, it uses the innovative technology provided to aid managers with the tracking of various items across multiple branches in one centralized location. Many companies currently still use pen & paper and have big folders for each of their branches which they go to when conducting an audit. The ViClarity Branch Certifications Solutions streamlines this process by taking all this information and holding it in one centralized system which allows reports to be produced for audits at the click of a button. The system lets you compare and contrast data from each of your branches. The ViClarity Solution can scale to all organisations from one branch to multi branch organizations. Some examples of areas it can track include (but are not limited to)
  • Cash drawer count
  • Operations employee daily work audit
  • Branch meetings
  • Surveillance/alarm tests/ security lighting tests
  • Management and employee coaching sessions
  • Visa instant issues
  • Branch cash reconciliation/ coin machine CDM or TRC/ vault coins
And much more…. The benefits of the ViClarity Branch Certifications module is that it can be customized to track any area of each individual company’s choice. ViClarity are proven and experienced and will work with each organization to customize their individual challenges with the right solution within the tool. The system has been tried and tested by a number of businesses and a case study on one of these companies Rivermark Credit Union is available here In conclusion, there are many challenges facing companies who have multiple branches but these challenges can be solved by using ViClarity’s Branch Certifications module. The benefits of such a system are enormous for a company. Multiple branches are successfully managed from a centralized location meaning management will have a full company wide view of how successful each branch is operating. For more information on ViClarity’s Branch Certifications module or any other solutions contact Neil at

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  • Why Professionals Choose ViClarity
  • Design services
  • Implementation services
  • Training Services
  • Support Services
We have the know-how and experience to design a ViClarity solution that maps directly onto your existing business and operational processes. We will tailor make the solution to deliver the information that you need about the compliance of your organisation and deliver to a level of verification agreed with you. Our team and partners have a real depth of business experience. This enables us to get a genuine understanding of the needs of your organisation, and to design a compliance monitoring solution that can produce exact reports on strategic or critical activities in your organisation.
The system is built by ViClarity and/or ViClarity partners to meet the exact requirements of the customer and made available for the customer to view pre-launch. Following the initial client viewing, the system is made live and the first actions delegated by e-mail to the users. There is no need for additional equipment or software on site, the system is intuitive with many of our current users starting without any advance training, and implementations are typically stress free.
System and User Training is provided by your ViClarity partner. It will show you how to manage, edit and grow your system and show the end users how to input information. The system is designed to be very easy to use, and all stages of the training are available on Video in the Help section of the application.
Your ViClarity partner will support you on all levels of use, and on how to get the best from your system. Additional technical support is provided directly by ViClarity to address any technical issues. System up-time and backup are managed by ViClarity to deliver an exceptional level of availability and security.

ViClarity is a company that was founded in 2008 by Ogie Sheehy in Ireland. In a short space of time the company has grown exponentially and secured a strong foot hold in two key sectors - health care and financial services compliance. It has designed and developed a highly innovative technological software solution to help bring visibility and clarity to all aspects of compliance.

It has secured a high profile client base with healthcare companies such as Mowlam, MHA and most recently the NHS using its technology solution. In financial services it boasts over 85 Irish based credit unions, insurance clients such as ALD RE: (SocGen), Irish Insurance Federation and many more. With offices now in Ireland, London and Chicago it continues to grow its client base globally with its innovative technology.

ViClarity’s uniqueness comes from its ability to deliver world class risk and compliance software that enables users/officer manage an increased burden of compliance in a highly visual and intuitive tool. ViClarity are now extending this unique technology into the Alternative Investment Management arena to revolutionise compliance monitoring standards in a growing industry sector.

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John Ogie Sheehy

CEO and Founder

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Ogie (John) is our CEO and founder of ViClarity. With a degree in Applied Physics and Electronics from the Institute of Technology Tralee, Ogie has a strong passion for technology. With over 16 years’ experience working through the ranks for companies such as Hewlett Packard, IBM and Dell, he was inspired to create ViClarity - a company to provide technology solutions to business that were not being serviced by the large technology companies. Ogie has led ViClarity for over seven years now and has successfully directed launches in several international markets including Ireland, UK and US into sectors such as Financial Services and HealthCare.


Rich Buttti

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Rich has over thirty years’ experience in the Banking and Financial Services industry working with software technology for service-based organizations. Rich's previous roles include, Financial Services Manager at Reuters America, Financial Times, Axs-One,Inc., Borland Software, and BEA Systems. Rish has expertise in AML related software for; Transaction Monitoring, Risk & Compliance, KYC Customer On-Boarding, and Consulting services. He has a vast knowledge of industry frameworks and is delighted to share this knowledge with clients.


Tracy Fitzgerald

Project Manager

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Tracy is a Project Manager with ViClarity. Her role involves architecting customer solutions, customer training and project management. She gained her undergraduate degree in Business and Management in Cork Institute of Technology and then went on to complete a Master’s in Business and Entrepreneurship in 2012. Tracy has a very strong interest in all things business and technology related and is constantly keeping up to date with new advancements in both areas.


Daniel Murphy

Financial Accountant

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Daniel is our Financial Accountant. He completed a Bachelor of Business studies from Tralee IT specialising in eBusiness. With over 8 years’ experience working in the finance area with high tech companies, Daniel has always been focused on ensuring that all aspects of the accounting functions have been taken care of with great accuracy and in a timely manner. He has a keen interest in accounting and has a great depth of experience working with software Technology companies at a global level.


Aidan Harrington

Business Analyst

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Aidan is a Business Analyst with ViClarity where he manages Customer Support and assists with solution design and implementation. He gained his Diploma in Civil Engineering in Tralee Institute of Technology in 2010 and a Diploma in Web Design with Pitman Training in 2014. He has over 5 years management experience in the Agricultural Industry.

Neil O'Sullivan

Neil O’Sullivan

Marketing Specialist

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Neil is the Marketing Specialist at ViClarity where he is tasked with running all of ViClarity's marketing campaigns. Neil's role includes content marketing, social media, PR, email marketing, website management and event management. Neil gained an Honours Degree in Information Systems Management from IT Tralee in 2012. Since then Neil worked as a Deputy Manager at Boylesports where he gained experience in a fast paced retail environment and he was involved in implementing their marketing strategies.


Mark Healy

Business Analyst

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Mark is a Business Analyst with ViClarity where his role involves architecting customer solutions, assisting with solution design and implementation along with other projects. Mark gained his Primary Degree in Public Administration from the University of Limerick in 2005 and holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Advertising from the Fitzwilliam Institute 2006 and has most recently completed his Masters in International Entrepreneurship Management from the University of Limerick 2016. He has over 9 years experience within the financial services industry in roles including procurement, customer service, tax free shopping and technical support.

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