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ViClarity is an innovative platform that allows you to track and manage all your compliance in one system and provide powerful reports. You can build your own checklists or choose from our many pre-populated templates and customise to suit the exact needs of your Organisation.

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One of the main barriers facing financial services organisations is the increased regulatory strain they are encountering due to the unique and unprecedented period of rapid regulatory change. The scale and pace of this change has made it more and more challenging to deal with and has seen the realisation that without radical measures and the embracing of regulatory technology, organisations will face financial penalties and the very real risk of being left in the wake of more proactive market competitors. RegTech, often referred to as a ‘little brother of FinTech’, is a rapidly growing sector which seeks to address and assist organisations with their regulatory requirements to improve their approach to regulation. RegTech, according to Deloitte, can be broken into 5 categories e.g. reporting solutions, transaction monitoring, risk management, identity management & controls, and compliance solutions. While each of these categories maybe applied either as a whole or as part of a mix they need to be analysed and integrated into an organisation’s regulatory management business model. New technologies are constantly coming on stream offering a multitude of benefits to users to help address and redress the associated risks. However, RegTech continues encounter a range of adoption barriers e.g. individuals resistance to change, individuals being too close to recognise an opportunity. Such a blinkered focus can result in a failure to see the bigger organisational benefits from adopting an integrated RegTech culture. Cavemen It brings to mind the above cartoon where two cavemen are trying to push a cart full of rocks with square wheels on it. When the guy behind them offers them a round wheel, they say, no thanks we’re too busy.  RegTech is not just a buzzword; it has actually become the reality facing financial services organisations and needs to be viewed as such. An accurate description of the area is being like the ‘helmet a skier wears when racing down a black run’ in that it effectively protects financial institutions while they move forward at speed. RegTech is not just about automating manual compliance tasks or cost efficiency as it contributes massively to both customer service and overall operational efficiency. The ViClarity system helps users to view risk as a positive thing, not something of which to be scared of, rather it assists users to reduce, manage and understand risk. The ViClarity suite of solutions does not just provide the “wheels” but offers scalability to allow users to build a prototype of an entire risk vehicle to show how it can deal with real issues more effectively. One of the main problems with just inventing the wheels is that it can prove difficult to demonstrate the true business value.  Very often a new technology is only useful as part of a more complex system; a key benefit of the ViClarity suite of solutions is that it can easily integrate into users existing systems while also providing flexibility to expand to develop a larger more integrated system offering. About ViClarity ViClarity is an award winning Risk & Compliance Solution that enables your organisation to effectively Identify, Monitor, Score and Report on Risk & Compliance.  Recently selected as one of the Top 25 Worldwide Governance, Risk & Compliance Technology Providers, ViClarity enables you to track and manage all of your Risk & Compliance monitoring obligations in one system. Whether you build your own, or choose from our many populated regulatory templates and customise to suit, ViClarity enables you to track and manage all of your Risk & Compliance obligations efficiently and easily. All elements of the regulatory compliance process are automated using our innovative technology. This automation ensures that compliance risks and their controls are reviewed in a timely manner. ViClarity encourages a culture of accountability by maintaining a complete audit trail of all activities. Information is gathered in real time and is presented on a Red/Amber/Green (RAG) dashboard. Using the visual representation of your organisation’s data, any areas on concern or risk indicators will be quickly identified. These areas can be addressed using ViClarity’s trackable actions feature. This feature facilitate the closed loop process ensuring that all areas of risk and compliance are being covered. Want To Know More? Book a demonstration of ViClarity's RegTech Solution today. Email: Phone: 01 902 2859  
ViClarity CEO, Ogie Sheehy was interviewed by US Industry Magazine CIO Applications regarding ViClarity's recent inclusion on the list of "Top 25 Worldwide Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) Technology Providers 2017." The interview was published in the August edition of the magazine and can be read in full through the link below. Ogie Sheehy's Interview in CIO Applications Magazine
Top 25 Worldwide Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) Technology Providers - 2017 We are delighted to announce that ViClarity have been selected by US magazine CIO Applications as one of the "Top 25 Worldwide Governance, Risk and Compliance Technology Providers 2017". ViClarity have made it through a rigorous selection process which looked at the hundreds of different GRC providers before selecting the top 25 vendors that best fulfilled the selection criteria. This is an annual listing of companies providing GRC solutions helping clients build competitive advantage and transform their businesses. A spokesperson for CIO Magazine explained the selection process "In the wake of the growing need of GRC technology solutions across enterprises globally, we've compiled a list of the top 25 Governance, Risk and Compliance Technology Providers in 2017. The compilation is a result of extensive research of GRC technology providers worldwide, conducted by our editorial team".  He also noted that "Alignment of compliance and risk management initiatives to facilitate better decision making across organisational hierarchies is and additional advantage of opting for assistance. This list will offer industry professionals a better insight about the contributions these leading GRC technology solution providers can make to the business". ViClarity CEO, Ogie Sheehy Interview ViClarity CEO, Ogie Sheehy was interviewed by CIO applications and the interview appears in the August edition of their publication which is available online here. Ogies interview appears in page 57 of the publication. [caption id="attachment_1955" align="alignright" width="691"]Capture Click on image to read publication. (page 57)[/caption] As a result of being selected as one of the top GRC providers worldwide, ViClarity now features with some of the biggest names in the industry. ViClarity is a global supplier of GRC and other solutions with clients in the financial services and healthcare markets in the United Sates, Canada, United Kingdom and Europe. In the United States alone ViClarity has financial services clients in areas such as Banking, Credit Unions, Auto Finance and Insurance. Many organisations around the world are using ViClarity modules for areas including ERM, Compliance Management, Vendor Management, Cybersecurity, Branch Certifications and many more Bespoke solutions which can automate any manual process a organisation may have. This award is more great news for ViClarity as last month the company was nominated for a European Fintech Award 2017 in the category "Risk, Intelligence & Security."   If you would like to learn more about ViClarity's solutions or would like to see a demonstration of ViClarity products please contact or call +353 1 902 2859.  
ViClarity are delighted to announce that we have been nominated for the European FinTech Awards 2017 under the category "Risk, Intelligence and Security". The nomination sees ViClarity featuring among the top European FinTech companies. ViClarity have been nominated due to our work in the areas of Risk & Compliance in the Financial Services industry across Europe, the USA and Canada. The winners of the awards will be announced during a ceremony in Brussels on September 27th. The European FinTech Awards & Conference will bring together over 500 entrepreneurs, bankers, investors and experts including our very own Ogie Sheehy.

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The evolution of RegTech in recent months has disrupted the regulatory landscape facing organisations by using technology to solve the ever increasing compliance demands within the financial industry. The rise of RegTech has seen a considerable increase in the number of regulatory software providers entering the market. In response to the growing number of regulatory requirements, the move by many new market entrants is to jump on this regulatory “bandwagon” and gain a piece of the market share. This prompts an interesting question, how do these technology companies qualify putting “Reg” and “Tech” together? Do they have enough industry experience to really validate the content behind their technology? Many companies providing RegTech solutions to the financial industry are experienced technology companies who offer a large range of solutions covering areas such as risk, compliance, cybersecurity, vendor management and many more. The people within these companies are predominantly from a technological background and may cover all the “Tech” bases, questions need to be asked regarding their experience in the “Reg” side of the equation. A common problem with the selection of RegTech providers has been their lack of industry experience. It’s important, when going through the vendor selection process, that clients examine the background of the technology provider, and, the content being provided in their solutions. We at ViClarity, recommend that customers ask some of the following key questions:
  • Who creates/validates the content behind the RegTech solution?
  • How does the technology provider stay on top of regulatory change?
  • How quickly can the solution be updated in line with regulatory changes?
  • If I have a question on the regulations behind the solution, who do I go to?
These are just some of the initial basic questions that should be asked of any RegTech supplier during the vendor selection process but depending on your business requirements there are many more to ask. The top RegTech suppliers should be able to build and customise a solution to match the requirements of each and every company and industry. So, how does a RegTech supplier ensure that they can prove they are competent in both sides of the “Reg” and “Tech”? ViClarity’s main expertise lies in the technology side of the solution. We have developed an innovative platform that can be customised and configured to meet the needs of any business, big or small, in a range of market sectors including financial services and healthcare. So how do we ensure to our clients that we have conquered the “Reg” side of RegTech? Firstly, we have years of experience dealing with clients in a range of sectors including Healthcare, Banking, Investment, Insurance, Auto Lending and many more, but as already mentioned, this alone is not enough. To ensure we are on top of regulatory changes and to guarantee our clients that our content is up to date and in line with the most recent regulatory changes, we have partnered with a number of industry experts and consultants, who validate all of the content in our solutions before they go to market and throughout the product lifecycle. Taking the Irish Credit Union market for example, we have partnered with industry experts EisnerAmper who have years of industry experience, including working within The Central Bank of Ireland. Our partners validate all content within ViClarity’s large range of solutions meaning our clients can rest assured that their solutions are acceptable for regulatory inspections. In conclusion, it is important for companies looking to buy a RegTech solution to ask the vendors the difficult questions to ensure that they can provide them with a solution that satisfies both the “Reg” and the “Tech” requirements. The vendor should not only be a technology expert but should also show that they are experts in the regulatory landscape. At ViClarity we are proud to say that we successfully bring both sides together in our leading RegTech solutions which can be tailored to meet the exact needs of every organisation.  
ViClarity And EisnerAmper Announce Partnership To Launch New Modules Into The Financial Services Market. Tralee, 30th May 2017 –ViClarity, a leading global supplier of RegTech and FinTech solutions to the financial services and healthcare markets have today announced their exclusive collaboration with forensic accounting specialists EisnerAmper Ireland, who provide Audit, Tax, Advisory and Outsourcing services. The partnership will see the two companies come together to develop solutions for the financial services industry. The partnership will provide a comprehensive blend of expertise through EisnerAmper’s industry expertise and Central Bank of Ireland experience and ViClarity’s award winning technological solutions. The unique selling point of this partnership as providers of RegTech solutions is due to EisnerAmper being experts in the “Reg” side and ViClarity are experts in the “Tech” side, ensuring that by coming together they will be able to develop industry leading RegTech solutions for the marketplace as having a strong foothold at both sides of the industry. Currently financial services companies are experiencing the burden of regulatory change with numerous amendments and updates by bodies such as The Central Bank Of Ireland. The partnership between ViClarity and EisnerAmper will address regulatory issues through the development of new solutions to meet the needs of the industry. EisnerAmper’s industry experience ensures they are on top of regulatory changes and will work with ViClarity to create valid content for solutions for the financial services industry. The companies in these sectors are experiencing difficulties in keeping up to date with the most recent regulatory changes and struggle to keep on top of their regulatory requirements.
Overview: The May 2018 implementation date for the EU backed General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is still some months away yet preparations need to be well underway by now. Recent findings have found that 75% of companies lack key capabilities to ensure compliance under the new regulation. This whitepaper outlines further details about GDPR and how companies can best prepare for its implementation. Read the full whitepaper by clicking the link  ViClarity - General Data Protection Regulation
Companies that fail to start planning to deal with the EU’s data protection requirements are in for a real shock when the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect in 2018.  The International Association of Information Technology Asset Managers along with PWC and other global companies are reiterating this warning to firms who have not yet begun their preparations for the GDPR. Although it is an EU regulation, thousands of US firms currently doing business in Europe directly or online with European customers will need make provisions for these regulations. There are sweeping changes to how personal and corporate data is to be handled. These changes have far reaching implications for many aspects of US businesses, particularly in terms of how information security is addressed. The International Association of IT Asset Managers (IAITAM) has identified the top five impacts the EU regulations will have on all organizations worldwide.
  1. Data Breaches
GDPR states that a personal data breach is a breach of security leading to the accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorised disclosure of, or access to, personal data transmitted, stored or otherwise processed. The changes made in GDPR now mean breaches must be reported within 72 hours of the company becoming aware of the breach. Up until now, a data breach is typically only announced when word of the breach is leaked to the public or media.
  1. Data Protection Officer Requirements
GDPR requires all organisations who profile individuals to appoint a data protection officer. This means that some organisations who don’t already have a DPO will have to hire or contract one with expert knowledge of data protection law and practices and ability to fulfil its tasks.
  1. Consent Of Those Providing Data
The new GDPR regulation states the business must prove the data subjects consent to the processing of their data for specified purposes. This aspect of GDPR requires the active acceptance of the terms and conditions by the user.
  1. The Handling Of Europeans Data Outside Of Europe
GDPR states that any transfer of personal data to another country or an international organization may only take place if – subject to the provisions of the regulation – the conditions laid down are complied with by the controller or processor. So what this means is that any organization that works globally and handles personal information of EU citizens will be subject to the GDPR.
  1. The Possibility Of A Heavy Fine And Court Appearance
The potential for large fines is very possible for companies who break the rules under GDPR. The regulation will impose fines of up to €20 million or 4% of global annual turnover for a breach of international transfer provisions. It will also enforce fines of up to €10 million or 2% of global annual turnover for administrative and security breaches. So with these five impacts outlined you can see the importance for preparations for GDPR to begin today. PWC have found that American multinationals that have not taken significant steps to prepare for GDPR are already behind their peers. It’s important now for American companies along with their European counterparts take GDPR seriously and implement a solution to help the manage their compliance with the regulation. ViClarity, a global provider of RegTech solutions have developed a GDPR solution to enable organizations of any size prepare for the implementation of GDPR. The ViClarity solution breaks the GDPR regulation down to an automated workflow to enable organizations provide ongoing compliance once the implementation date arrives. The ViClarity GDPR Solution provides the following benefits:
  • Prepares organisations for the May 2018 GDPR implementation date.
  • Pre - Populated template mapped directly back to the GDPR regulations.
  • Automated process for managing data protection, flagging areas of concern.
  • Ongoing monitoring of risks, controls and actions in the area of data protection.
  • Highly visual reports for comprehensive board reporting.
  • Records a full audit trail of how data was gathered and collated.
For more information on the ViClarity GDPR Solution visit our dedicated GDPR page here
On Thursday April 6th ViClarity attended the All Ireland Business Summit as we were one of the finalists in the "technology company of the year" category of the All  Stars Business Awards. It was a great event from start to finish with some excellent speakers on throughout the day. The highlight of the day for us came during the All Star Business Awards when ex Dragons Den star Bobby Kerr called out our name among the other finalists during the awards ceremony. [caption id="attachment_1729" align="alignleft" width="300"]Blind Women Sinead Keane speaking at The All Ireland Summit.[/caption] There were some inspirational speakers on during the event including Sinead Keane, an extraordinary young woman from Cork who has just 5% vision. Sinead told her story growing up with feeling "different" and how she overcame bullying to become a world record holder. Sinead completed her outstanding achievement last January when she ran seven marathons in seven continents in seven days. Sineads positivity and achievements will no doubt inspire many people around the world. After lunch Bobby Kerr took to the stage to present the All Star Business Awards. In total there were twelve award categories on the day with some excellent businesses making the finals in their relevant categories. ViClarity had to wait until the very end of the ceremony to find out the result of the technology company of the year. It was great seeing the ViClarity name called out as a finalist during such a prestigious awards ceremony. Congratulations must go to the overall winner of the category Enet, who provide telecommunications throughout Ireland. Although ViClarity weren't the winners this time we were delighted to by recognised as one of the leading technology companies in the country. The All Ireland Business Summit was a huge success and a very enjoyable day and we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in organising the event for what was a very enjoyable day. We will definitely be coming back next year and hopefully go one better and win the award.  
ViClarity are delighted to have made the final six of the All-Ireland Business All Stars Awards. We have been nominated in the category of "All Stars Technology Business Of The Year" with the awards take place at The All Ireland Summit this Thursday, April 6th in Croke Park, Dublin. ViClarity have made it through after being reviewed by an expert judging panel headed by Dr Briga Hynes of the University of Limerick. The presentations will be made by Bobby Kerr, formally of RTE's Dragons Den. Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, Mary Mitchell O'Conner will also be involved in the presentations on the day. Everyone at the company are happy to have made the final in such a competitive category. Technology is at the forefront of every organisation at the moment and the ViClarity team are delighted to be recognised as a leading player nationally in the RegTech industry. Last week ViClarity were also listed in the Planet Compliance Top 100 Global RegTech Companies. It is a testament to the hard working team in the ViClarity office. ViClarity will be in attendance at The All Ireland Business Summit this Thursday and look forward to meeting everyone involved including the other finalists. We will be hoping to bring another title back to Kerry from Croke Park.  

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We have the know-how and experience to design a ViClarity solution that maps directly onto your existing business and operational processes. We will tailor make the solution to deliver the information that you need about the compliance of your organisation and deliver to a level of verification agreed with you. Our team and partners have a real depth of business experience. This enables us to get a genuine understanding of the needs of your organisation, and to design a compliance monitoring solution that can produce exact reports on strategic or critical activities in your organisation.
The system is built by ViClarity and/or ViClarity partners to meet the exact requirements of the customer and made available for the customer to view pre-launch. Following the initial client viewing, the system is made live and the first actions delegated by e-mail to the users. There is no need for additional equipment or software on site, the system is intuitive with many of our current users starting without any advance training, and implementations are typically stress free.
System and User Training is provided by your ViClarity partner. It will show you how to manage, edit and grow your system and show the end users how to input information. The system is designed to be very easy to use, and all stages of the training are available on Video in the Help section of the application.
Your ViClarity partner will support you on all levels of use, and on how to get the best from your system. Additional technical support is provided directly by ViClarity to address any technical issues. System up-time and backup are managed by ViClarity to deliver an exceptional level of availability and security.

ViClarity is a company that was founded in 2008 by Ogie Sheehy in Ireland. In a short space of time the company has grown exponentially and secured a strong foot hold in two key sectors - health care and financial services compliance. It has designed and developed a highly innovative technological software solution to help bring visibility and clarity to all aspects of compliance.

It has secured a high profile client base with healthcare companies such as Mowlam, MHA and most recently the NHS using its technology solution. In financial services it boasts over 85 Irish based credit unions, insurance clients such as ALD RE: (SocGen), Irish Insurance Federation and many more. With offices now in Ireland, London and Chicago it continues to grow its client base globally with its innovative technology.

ViClarity’s uniqueness comes from its ability to deliver world class risk and compliance software that enables users/officer manage an increased burden of compliance in a highly visual and intuitive tool. ViClarity are now extending this unique technology into the Alternative Investment Management arena to revolutionise compliance monitoring standards in a growing industry sector.

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John Ogie Sheehy

CEO and Founder

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Ogie (John) is our CEO and founder of ViClarity. With a degree in Applied Physics and Electronics from the Institute of Technology Tralee, Ogie has a strong passion for technology. With over 16 years’ experience working through the ranks for companies such as Hewlett Packard, IBM and Dell, he was inspired to create ViClarity - a company to provide technology solutions to business that were not being serviced by the large technology companies. Ogie has led ViClarity for over seven years now and has successfully directed launches in several international markets including Ireland, UK and US into sectors such as Financial Services and HealthCare.


Rich Butti

Vice President, Sales

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Rich has over thirty years’ experience in the Banking and Financial Services industry working with software technology for service-based organizations. Rich's previous roles include, Financial Services Manager at Reuters America, Financial Times, Axs-One,Inc., Borland Software, and BEA Systems. Rish has expertise in AML related software for; Transaction Monitoring, Risk & Compliance, KYC Customer On-Boarding, and Consulting services. He has a vast knowledge of industry frameworks and is delighted to share this knowledge with clients.


Tracy Fitzgerald

Project Manager

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Tracy is a Project Manager with ViClarity. Her role involves architecting customer solutions, customer training and project management. She gained her undergraduate degree in Business and Management in Cork Institute of Technology and then went on to complete a Master’s in Business and Entrepreneurship in 2012. Tracy has a very strong interest in all things business and technology related and is constantly keeping up to date with new advancements in both areas.


Daniel Murphy

Financial Accountant

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Daniel is our Financial Accountant. He completed a Bachelor of Business studies from Tralee IT specialising in eBusiness. With over 8 years’ experience working in the finance area with high tech companies, Daniel has always been focused on ensuring that all aspects of the accounting functions have been taken care of with great accuracy and in a timely manner. He has a keen interest in accounting and has a great depth of experience working with software Technology companies at a global level.


Aidan Harrington

Business Analyst

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Aidan is a Business Analyst with ViClarity where he manages Customer Support and assists with solution design and implementation. He gained his Diploma in Civil Engineering in Tralee Institute of Technology in 2010 and a Diploma in Web Design with Pitman Training in 2014. He has over 5 years management experience in the Agricultural Industry.

Neil O'Sullivan

Neil O’Sullivan

Marketing Specialist

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Neil is the Marketing Specialist at ViClarity where he is tasked with running all of ViClarity's marketing campaigns. Neil's role includes content marketing, social media, PR, email marketing, website management and event management. Neil gained an Honours Degree in Information Systems Management from IT Tralee in 2012. Since then Neil worked as a Deputy Manager at Boylesports where he gained experience in a fast paced retail environment and he was involved in implementing their marketing strategies.


Mark Healy

Business Analyst

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Mark is a Business Analyst with ViClarity where his role involves architecting customer solutions, assisting with solution design and implementation along with other projects. Mark gained his Primary Degree in Public Administration from the University of Limerick in 2005 and holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Advertising from the Fitzwilliam Institute 2006 and has most recently completed his Masters in International Entrepreneurship Management from the University of Limerick 2016. He has over 9 years experience within the financial services industry in roles including procurement, customer service, tax free shopping and technical support.

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