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ViClarity is an innovative platform that allows you to track and manage all your compliance in one system and provide powerful reports. You can build your own checklists or choose from our many pre-populated templates and customise to suit the exact needs of your Organisation.

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The aim of many aspiring entrepreneurs or SME owners around the world is to grow their company into multi branch facilities. Many companies expand by adding offices or stores in different cities or countries. The expansion into new markets provides valuable opportunities to the company while also posing challenges which are necessary to overcome in order to be successful. “Approximately 543,000 new businesses get started each month but more employer businesses shut down than start up each month”. (Forbes) This fact alone highlights the volatility of the business environment and for financial businesses they have the added burden of complying with strict regulations imposed by bodies such as The Central Bank and The Financial Conduct Authority. A business opening numerous branches must take into the account the dangers associated with expansion while recognizing the need for the implementation of a system that can successfully manage all their branches details in one centralized view. One of the top 20 reasons for financial business closures stems from a lack of control in cash flow. This lack of control becomes more difficult to manage depending on the volume of branches within the business network. Let’s take a look at these challenges in more detail;
  1. Time Management - Managing various branches from a centralized location can often be a difficult task requiring onsite visits and endless hours chasing up documentation from numerous individuals in the various locations.
  1. Complicated work assignments– It becomes harder to work on certain types of tasks or to collaborate on them if the employee is based on the other side of the country.
  1. Project Plan “Amnesia” – It’s easy for managers to forget about tasks due for completion in other branches when work starts to pile up in their own location. This can result in missed deadlines and projects falling behind schedule.
  1. Recordkeeping and Other Infrastructure Needs – Expanding businesses must establish or update systems for monitoring cash flow, tracking inventories and deliveries, tracking surveillance/alarm tests, updating management & employee coaching sessions, and countless other aspects.
  1. Compliance & Risk Monitoring – It’s difficult for a company to ensure every branch is operating under the strict guidelines outlined by The Central Bank or The Financial Conduct Authority. Without a system that can track aspects such as staff policy signoffs and risk reporting, the danger of breaching regulatory rules becomes more of a concern.
So now that we have seen the challenges of managing a multi branch company….DON’T PANIC….There are solutions out there that will manage all of these challenges and more in one centralized location.

The Solution – ViClarity Branch Certifications Module

ViClarity Compliance Monitoring Solutions is the vendor whose solution can span the breath of the organization. Its capabilities are so much more than being able to fulfil the needs of one department.  The Branch Certifications module is one of many solutions offered by ViClarity, it uses the innovative technology provided to aid managers with the tracking of various items across multiple branches in one centralized location. Many companies currently still use pen & paper and have big folders for each of their branches which they go to when conducting an audit. The ViClarity Branch Certifications Solutions streamlines this process by taking all this information and holding it in one centralized system which allows reports to be produced for audits at the click of a button. The system lets you compare and contrast data from each of your branches. The ViClarity Solution can scale to all organisations from one branch to multi branch organizations. Some examples of areas it can track include (but are not limited to)
  • Cash drawer count
  • Operations employee daily work audit
  • Branch meetings
  • Surveillance/alarm tests/ security lighting tests
  • Management and employee coaching sessions
  • Visa instant issues
  • Branch cash reconciliation/ coin machine CDM or TRC/ vault coins
And much more…. The benefits of the ViClarity Branch Certifications module is that it can be customized to track any area of each individual company’s choice. ViClarity are proven and experienced and will work with each organization to customize their individual challenges with the right solution within the tool. The system has been tried and tested by a number of businesses and a case study on one of these companies Rivermark Credit Union is available here In conclusion, there are many challenges facing companies who have multiple branches but these challenges can be solved by using ViClarity’s Branch Certifications module. The benefits of such a system are enormous for a company. Multiple branches are successfully managed from a centralized location meaning management will have a full company wide view of how successful each branch is operating. For more information on ViClarity’s Branch Certifications module or any other solutions contact Neil at
Find out how Rivermark Credit Union used ViClarity's Branch Certifications Solution to help with automating the management, collection and collation of information from their multiple branches. Click here to read the full case study.

ViClarity Meet Minister for Health Simon Harris at the Launch of the Health Innovation Hub Ireland

ViClarity who offer Compliance Monitoring Solutions into the Healthcare and Financial Sectors, were one of five companies in Ireland chosen to showcase their Healthcare Compliance Monitoring Solution to Minister for Health Simon Harris at the official launch of the Health Innovation Hub Ireland (HIHI) in UCC on Tuesday. Ogie Sheehy CEO of ViClarity met with Minister Harris and went through how The ViClarity Healthcare Compliance Monitoring Solution will reduce the burden of demonstrating compliance to the regulators and will greatly benefit hospital employees from board members to nurses. Minister Harris was greatly impressed with the ViClarity Solution as Mr Sheehy went through the user friendly functionality of the system, its interactive reporting features and details of other healthcare facilities currently using the ViClarity Solution. Speaking at the launch Minister Harris TD stated: “This project will foster a unique partnership between the health service and the enterprise sector, with the aim of improving patient outcomes.” I look forward to seeing in the coming months and years this collaboration, and the projects that are being supported by the Innovation Hub, making a significant contribution to improvements in patient care, finding efficiencies in service delivery and supporting health service practitioners in bringing innovative ideas to fruition.” The main objective of HIHI is to facilitate and accelerate the commercialisation of innovative healthcare solutions. They aim to develop next generation technologies for the global marketplace in Ireland and in doing so to create jobs and exports from our communities at home. The ViClarity Healthcare Compliance Monitoring Solution satisfies all the criteria outlined by the HIHI and was selected by them as the industry leading solution in the healthcare compliance sector. The two have worked together to successfully initiate a number of individual pilots for HSE run facilities to manage and monitor compliance to the HIQA requirements. Speaking about the newly appointed director of the HIHI Doctor Colman Casey, Ogie Sheehy of ViClarity CEO said: “Colman and the team have been great to work with and have given us an opportunity to successfully engage with Hospitals and Residential facilities where we would ordinarily not have been able to do so”

ViClarity to Attend HIHI Launch

ViClarity are delighted to announce that they will be showcasing their Healthcare Compliance Monitoring Solution at the official launch of The Health Innovation Hub Ireland (HIHI) in UCC on Monday September 26th. The Tralee based company ViClarity have been selected as one of five businesses across Ireland to showcase their product for special guests on the day including Minister for Health, Simon Harris, Minister of State for Training, Skills and Innovation, John Halligan and Lord Mayor of Cork Des Cahill.  The main objective of HIHI is to; “Facilitate and accelerate the commercialisation of innovative healthcare solutions. We want to develop next generation technologies for the global marketplace in Ireland and in doing so to create jobs and exports from our communities at home.” The ViClarity Healthcare Compliance Monitoring Solution satisfies all the criteria outlined by the HIHI and the two have worked together to successfully initiate a number of individual pilots for HSE run facilities to manage and monitor compliance to the HIQA requirements. Speaking about the newly appointed director of the HIHI Doctor Colman Casey, Ogie Sheehy ViClarity CEO said: “Colman and the team have been great to work with and have given us an opportunity to successfully engage with Hospitals and Residential facilities where we would ordinarily not have been able to do so”
Recently, every time you switch on the news, pick up a paper or scroll down your Twitter feed you can almost be guaranteed that you will see a recent story about a cyber-attack.  Just taking the United States alone, over 169 million personal records were exposed in 2015 coming from 781 breaches in security across the financial, business, education, government and healthcare sectors. This isn’t just a problem in the US, according to the UK Government two thirds of large UK businesses were hit by a cyber breach or attack in the past year. The worrying thing is a lot of the time you don’t even know that your business is being attacked.  The majority of the time the hackers go unnoticed for a large period of time with Microsoft showing that the median number of days that attackers stay dormant within a network before detection is over 200.  Who knows? As you are reading this it could be going on in the background of your computer! Knowing this it’s crazy to think that “In 2015, even fewer SMBs (29 percent) used standard tools to prevent security breaches, compared with 39 percent who did so in 2014” (Cisco 2016 Annual Security Report).  The cost of cyber-attacks worldwide is estimated to be around $445 Billion, it doesn’t matter if you are a small, medium or large company it can happen to anyone. Regulators and Supervisors are placing a strong focus on the assessment of a company’s Information Security policies and specifically their awareness to cybersecurity. Companies are now expected to have robust systems and solutions in place to help their organization stay ahead of the data security requirements by having ongoing processes to track and monitor their controls.

5 Ways ViClarity Can Prevent Cyber Attacks

This is why ViClarity have developed an innovative and comprehensive solution that does exactly this.  This is another leading edge solution provided by ViClarity that can complement the existing modules already offered in the areas of Risk, Compliance and Vendor Management. I am going to talk to you about five ways ViClarity can prevent cyber – attacks;
  1. Self – Assessment – the ViClarity Cybersecurity Solution provides a company with the ability to self-assess their threat levels. It provides the capability to identify and detect threat levels through performing a gap analysis.  Once a gap analysis assessment has been completed the level of risk can be fully determined.
  1. Cybersecurity Risk Report – ViClarity’s high level Cybersecurity Risk Reports allow companies to fully analyse where their biggest risks are. ViClarity provides great detail into the risks facing each individual company.  Identifying these risks and knowing more about them enables companies to be better equipped to deal with them in the future.
  1. Ongoing Resolution & Tracking – ViClarity software will prompt regular audits programmes to manage the level of risk on an ongoing basis. The ongoing tracking provides the company with the ability to resolve any current threats and to prevent future attacks from happening.  Finally a tool that will provide peace of mind for everyone in the company.
  1. Mapped onto Regulatory & Statutory Requirements - ViClarity’s cybersecurity solution integrates with the other modules and ensures that organizations conduct a comprehensive Risk Assessment against the Regulatory and Statutory requirements. ViClarity’s Cybersecurity solution is based on the FFIEC guidelines, enabling you to stay compliant with the dynamic cybersecurity landscape. The solution can also form a strong part of your Information Security Programme.
  1. Transparency for Management – ViClarity’s solution provides a full audit trail for any tasks completed during cybersecurity audits. It’s easy to retrace footsteps to see who is responsible for certain areas.  The tool provides assurances to the board that the financial and reputational implications of cyber-attacks are minimised.
  Overall the ViClarity Cybersecurity tool is the way to go for ensuring that your business is ready to combat cyber – attacks in 2016 and beyond.  Don’t be the next news story in the papers or online contact us today at ViClarity and organise a demo where we can show you in more detail what ViClarity’s solutions can do for your business. For more information on ViClarity’s Cybersecurity solution visit . Call us on  01 902 2859, email  or follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn    

---- DAY 2 ----

1pm (Neil) - We just attended a talk on Embedding Compliance in Day - to-Day Operations which raised some very interesting points including new regulations which will be coming in soon. That just about wraps up The CUMA 2016 Autumn Conference. It's time to pack up the stand and head back to the office. Thanks to everyone who visited our exhibit over the two days it was great meeting all of ye. Follow our Twitter and LinkedIn accounts for more information about ViClarity and if you had a picture taken with us come and have a look at it. Finally a big thanks to all the staff at The Hodson Bay Hotel for the great service and the exceptional food.

For more information about ViClarity call 01 902 2859 or email

11.30am (Neil) - The ViClarity competition winner  Ursula Nolan of The Civil Service Credit Union just popped by the stand to collect her Android GoTab. She was delighted with prize. Well done Ursula.


9.30am (Neil) - There are some tired bodies around this morning but everyone is in good spirits. A quick thinking exhibitor is providing vitamin water which is going down a treat with everyone.  The first speaker has just taken to the stage in the conference room. We are looking forward to the talk on Embedding Compliance in Day - to-Day Operations which is due to take place at 12.30.

8am (Tracy) - Good morning from Athlone. We had a great night catching up with people after dinner. It's time to get our exhibit ready outside the main conference room for day 2 of The Credit Union Managers Autumn Conference. Now time for breakfast and we are off to the dining hall.

---- DAY 1 ----

10:30pm (Neil) - The dinner has just finished up and David McWilliams has finished his speech which was very informative and funny at the same time. We are just about done here for the night and  we will head to the bar for a few quite ones  and a catch up with some  more of the Credit Union managers.

9pm (Tracy) - We are on to course number four during the GALA dinner here at The Hodson Bay hotel.  The food has be fabulous so far. There is a great atmosphere in the room as guest speaker David McWilliams gets ready to take the stage.

7pm (Neil) -  The draw for the Android GoTab has just taken place. Congratulations to Ursula Nolan of The Civil Service Credit Union. Well done to all the prize winners on the night.

5:10pm (Tracy) - The I.T Risk Management talk has just finished. Next up is the closing address for today's event. It will be a cup of tea for myself and Neil before we head downstairs again to conduct our draw for the Android GoTab. 

3:15pm (Tracy) - The new ViClarity Risk Reporting templates are getting a very warm welcome here at CUMA. These templates examine the risks performance over time, the control status, actions and trends. For anyone who uses ViClarity already or anyone who is interested in seeing this template please feel free to call over to out stand or contact Tracy on 01 902 2859.

2pm (Neil) - We have had a very busy period since lunch time meeting lots of people on their way to the next talk.  Bellies are full after dinner but our sweets are going down a treat as dessert. The competition entries are still flooding in.

CUMA 20160913_141130

1pm (Neil) - Just after finishing a lovely lunch, compliments to all at The Hodson Bay Hotel. After lunch we will be attending a talk on Financial Controls Standards in the main conference room.

12pm(Tracy) - Just met with Mick Dillon from Donore Credit Union.  We are happy to provide any level of service here at the stand as I helped him get up and running with his new Twitter account. His first Tweet  "@ViClarity Rules ok!"   Happy Tweeting Mick! 11am (Neil) -I am enjoying getting to meet some of the Credit Union managers for the first time. We are getting great feedback on ViClarity's new product features and it's also great to hear some of the Credit Union managers thoughts on a range of subjects such as Risk Management and Cybersecurity. The competition box is filling up quickly for the Android GoTab.  A talk on the  Impact of Strategic Planning on Credit Union Organisational Behaviour and Performance is about to begin in the main conference room. On a side note, someone just took our lunch order, chicken or cod...chicken of course. breda-mccabe-shercock-cu 10am (Neil) - We are finally set up with our stand. Thankfully DIY wasn't on the job specification when I joined ViClarity as putting up the stand proved quite tricky but we got there in the end. Tracy wanted to pose for a picture so here it is. Tracy - CUMA Autumn 2016 8am (Tracy) - We have arrived in Athlone. After being detoured around the back roads of Offaly the sat nav has finally brought us to The Hodson Bay Hotel. It's a beautiful day here by the lake. We are looking forward to catching up with some familiar faces and meeting some new ones.  We will have plenty going on at stand 26 just outside the door of the conference room. 5am (Neil) - Welcome to our diaries from the CUMA Autumn Conference at the Hodson Bay Hotel in Athlone. It's an early rise as we set out on our three hour journey. Lets hope Tracy has had an early morning coffee as she is the designated driver for the day.

Ogie and Paul are the booth representatives for ViClarity at this year's World Credit Union Conference in Belfast. Ogie (CEO) and Paul (Commercial Director) will be making entries into this diary from the exhibitors area as the event progresses. Stay tuned for updates from stand 46.

---- DAY 3 ----

18:10pm - (Ogie) - On a parting note for 2016 here is a collection of other images that we took throughout the last few days! Best of luck to everyone and safe journey home...we home you enjoyed your say in Ireland as much as we enjoyed hosting you. Thank you for visiting us at Stand 46!

Lynel Vallier    Ogie and Lynel Vallier,  Premier Members FCU, Colorado

IMG_3817   Paul and Thatyotlhe Mpule, Botswana

Paul and Subramamiam Paul and Subramamiam

Paul Fintan Mick and Joe   Paul, Fintan, Mick and Joe

Ogie with the Directors of Family First CU      Ogie with the Directors of Family First CU, Australia

Paul and Mark     Paul with Mark Bailey, Celbridge CU, Co. Kildare, Ireland.

 20160718_132920   Ogie and John

 IMG_3808  Paul and Ogie at Stand 46


 17:15pm - (Ogie) - The 2016 World Credit Union conference has just finished for the exhibitors now. The closing ceremony finished about 15 minutes ago so we are in the process or dismantling our stand and packing up the car. I am going to start my journey back to Tralee then before it gets too late. This year's conference was very interesting! Both Paul and I met so many great people from all corners of the globe, from Linda in Pima Federal Credit Union to Thatyotlhe Mpule from Botswana! I hope I will see you all again next year in Vienna, Austria for the 2017 World Conference! Paul and Subramamiam

Paul and Subramamiam

16:50pm - (Paul) - With the closing ceremony drawing to a close now, it is nearly time to pack up the ViClarity stand and to hit the road home to Limerick. It has been a long and busy few days but they have also been fantastic. We have met people from so many different Credit Unions and countries. we have learnt so much about the processes CU's follow today and we have also been luckily enough to hear about how CU's are becoming more and more innovative in their approaches to being competitive in the financial space.

Ogie with the Directors of Family First CU

Ogie with the Directors of Family First CU, Australia

Paul Fintan Mick and Joe

Paul with Fintan (Tralee CU), Mick & Joe (Clondalkin CU)


3:15pm - (Ogie) - Lunch time is over and we well and truly are in to the second half of the day here in Belfast. I have to admit some of the sessions here have been fantastic! They are extremely relevant to the environment Credit Union's are operating in today. I just stood into listen in on the Cybersecurity event which is an area I am very interested in and follow very closely. I am delighted to see it being included in this year's conference.

WOCCU Cybersecurity

Chris Furlow - The Human Factor of Cybersecurity

After this it will be back to the exhibition hall for myself and Paul for this years closing reception.


2.30pm - (Paul) - Stand 46 has been very busy today! Delighted with the engagement from this years representatives. We even got to catch up with Mark Bailey from Celbridge Credit Union just after lunch time. Mark and his team have been using the ViClarity solution for the management of their Risk Register and Controls for some time now.


Paul and Mark 

Paul with Mark Bailey from Celbridge Credit Union in Co. Kildare, Ireland.


12:30pm - (Ogie) - For the 2017 conference in Vienna, we will need to bring an extra big supply of ViClarity pens! We have had lots of people stopping by the stand to chat about the benefits of using an automated solution for managing the Risk and Compliance obligations of their Credit Union. It is very promising to see that Credit Unions have become so forward thinking and innovative in their approaches to managing their businesses.

Just sitting down to lunch now. After lunch there is a session on Cybersecurity which from industry experience, I think would be very beneficial for all. Later we will be raffling off the GoTab Android tablet to one lucky representative!


11:15am - (Paul) - In the midst of all the bustling WOCCU Conference here in Belfast, I had a very exciting conference call with PWC. This is really exciting time for ViClarity. A much needed coffee is in order after a very busy morning.


10:45am - (Ogie) - After finishing at the exhibition hall yesterday afternoon I went back to the hotel to find a quiet corner where I could host a demonstration of the ViClarity software to an executive team in a US Based Credit Union. They are facing a very challenging time where they are finding it difficult to manage all of their branches certifications with ease. I demonstrated how our Branch Certification solution can automatically send notifications of where certification are due, collect the information directly from each branch and present this back in one central location for management. This solution is already used by a number of Credit Unions including Rivermark Community Credit Union.

We are currently at the tea/coffee break now with the representatives. Everyone seems to be having a great time here in Belfast. The upcoming talk on Surviving Disruption and the Economics of Credit Union Regulations sound like they will be intriguing, especially in the current economic environment after the Brexit vote.


---- DAY 2 ----

16:14 pm (Paul) - Here is a photo of Ogie and John at the ViClarity Stand taken just after lunch. We had a fantastic day here in the exhibition hall at the 2016 WOCCU Conference. Many of the representatives are now taking a well earned break with the Musical Pub Crawl around Belfast! Enjoy it and we will see you all tomorrow morning over coffee.


Ogie and John

  13:15pm (Ogie) - Finally back at the exhibition hall after getting lost in Belfast! I needed to get back to the hotel to get another box of pens as we were nearly out at stand 46. Once I let the Belfast Waterfront I started walking when I soon realised that the data on my phone was not working. eventually after having to ring the office back in Tralee for directions I got to the hotel and back! After lunch it is straight to a quiet corner where I can do a demo of ViClarity's ERM, Vendor Management and Cybersecurity solutions with a few representatives that we meet earlier in the morning.   11:30 am (Paul) - Wow! Stand 46 has been busy of the mid-morning coffee break! I have had some great conversations about keeping on top of the ever increasing compliance requirements and the management of Risk Registers. Compliance Regulations are definitely something that need to be address by all. While it does seem like a minefield, it actually isn't. Using a systematic approach and a automated tool to help with the process can greatly reduce the effort and cost it takes to manage compliance. IMG_3808

(Ogie & Paul at stand 46)


10:30am (Ogie) - We have met lots of the US & Canadian representatives this morning over a cup of coffee! We had a great chat about the Vendor Management obligations that Credit Union's in the US have to follow. We were able to tell the story of how our first US based Credit Union customer, Baxter Credit Union (BCU)I, has managed to reduce the amount of time it takes them to manage compliance by 50%. You can read their full story here.

  9:15am (Paul) - Good morning from the Belfast Waterfront! It looks like the weather is going to be nice an sunny today with temperatures around 23 Degrees (74 Degrees Fahrenheit). Ok so we have to admit, neither Ogie or I made it to the 5k fun run this morning! Fair play to all that did though, I saw various tweets from the starting line earlier this morning. I am looking forward to hearing all about today's events. There are some very interesting keynote session including the one currently in progress with Ian Goldin.  

---- DAY 1 ----

10:15pm (Ogie) -  We had a great time this evening meeting with attendees and hearing some really inspirational stories of the journeys various Credit Unions took to be successful! It is not always easy, but it can be done when you have the right help, expertise, tools and most importantly the drive to make things happen! All Credit Union's should be embraced and celebrated for the enhancements they make to communities all around the globe. Now with saying that...I hope everyone is going to be bright eyed and bushy tailed tomorrow morning for the 5k fun run!!  - See you all at the finish line!!!   10pm (Paul) - Busy evening in the exhibition hall this evening!! Lucky that the Irish have "the Gift of the Gab" because both Ogie and I have done a lot of talking already and it is only day 1! I was surprised to here that there are 55 countries represented in Belfast for this year's event.....amazing! I will upload some photos tomorrow.   7pm (Ogie) - The exhibitors welcome party is well and truly underway. Its fantastic to see so many people in the Credit Union space from around the world so interested in coming together and learning from each other. I think everyone is very excited about being in The Emerald Isle.   6pm (Paul) - Stand 46 is open and ready to welcome the World's Credit Union representatives!! It looks great, even if I do say so myself! We have already met so many other exhibitors, organisers, volunteers and representatives! The place is a hive of activity which is making me very excited about being here for the next few days!   5pm (Ogie) - Arrived at the Belfast Waterfront about an hour ago. Both, Paul and I, pulled in to the car park at the same time! Now that's what I call good timing! With the Hotel check in complete, it is off to the exhibition hall to find our stand. We need to put up our banners, put out the brochures, pens and sweet treats and display our raffle prize before 6pm.   3pm (Paul) - Decided to start my 4 hour journey to Belfast from Limerick today at 1pm so that I would be there in time to check in and get prepared for setting up Stand 46 with the ViClarity materials when Ogie arrives. I am in the Barak Obama Plaza now getting a much needed cup of coffee for the journey.   2:30pm (Ogie) - Just stopped in Junction 14 in Monasterevin, Co. Kildare to grab a coffee for the rest of my journey and who did I meet? Not one but two of our Irish based Credit Union customers! Its like there is a convey of cars on the M50, all bound for the Belfast Waterfront! No doubt I will see you all there over the next few days!!   8am (Ogie) - It is early on Sunday morning and I have had my Weetabix and coffee. The car is packed with all of our ViClarity exhibition materials including brochures, pens and sweet treats.  I think I am all ready to leave Kerry at 11am and hit the road for the 2016 WOCCU Conference in Belfast, Ireland. Its approximately a 5 hour journey for me.
Read all about how ViClarity has helped to save Cheryl Turner 50% of her time when managing BCU's Vendors. Click here to read more
Cybersecurity has become one of the biggest global issues due to the evolving digital landscape we are now in.  Protecting sensitive information like your customer’s data, financial information and even managing your company’s reputation is a vital part of your business strategy. If you are one of those people that doesn't see Cybersecurity as a big issue, well unfortunately, you are very mistaken.

The Threat is Real

Regulators such as the FFIEC has even issued an extortion attack alert,  whereby they are  calling for all financial institutions to take specific risk mitigation steps in light of an increase in the ruthlessness and frequency of cyber-attacks involving extortion. Even the World Economic Forum has listed cybersecurity as one of the biggest global risks threatening businesses today. Various reports have been published on what cyber-attacks are costing and one such report from the Centre for Strategic and International Studies puts an annual figure of $445 billion to the worldwide economy. Cyber-attacks can cause business losses through intellectual property theft, personal information theft to stolen credit card information. In some extreme cases, organization's systems have been hacked and held to ransom. It’s not only happening to financial services institutions, but to a whole host of industries, for example, only recently Russia has been accused of a cyber-attack that pushed a French TV station off the air. By not having the appropriate cybersecurity controls in place it could be very costly to your organizations, long-term should a cyber-attack occur. You see newspaper headlines all the time about the cost to companies who have been cyber attacked. You may have pondered before or even when you began reading this article about putting a policy in place but never get around to it.  Well, now is the time to stop the procrastinating and put a policy in place before your company is in the headlines.

How to Manage Cybersecurity Risk

Cybersecurity is not solely a digital problem, it is a multi-layer challenge, one that involves the whole organization when creating a management strategy. Organizations need a risk-based management approach that implements an all-inclusive strategy to avoid and lessen risks posed by cyber threats. Best practice would be to appoint someone within the organization to oversee cybersecurity duties. However, managing multiple departments/locations, where information is stored can be a difficult task. In many cases, each department has their own process to protect data which makes it an even greater task. The process needs to begin with identifying the different areas where companies store information in order to identify and evaluate the risks being faced. Following the compilation of the risk assessment, a report needs to be drawn up on the status of IT security and presented to the board. It is vital the board understands the threat posed by cybersecurity in order to approve appropriate funding for security tools and processes. Once a common strategy is in place to manage the risk, it requires a companywide cultural change to recognize the threat posed, together with employee training and tightly monitored operation procedures. With the overwhelming amount of new regulation being created for companies it is important that strategies are constantly being developed and maintained with regular independent security audits being carried out. The FFIC even has a cybersecurity assessment tool where it outlines five domains that need to be included in a cybersecurity plan, such as Cyber Risk and Management Oversight, Threat Intelligence and Collaboration, Cybersecurity Controls, External Dependency Management and finally Cyber Incident Management and Resilience. Global organizations face tougher challenges in managing these risks, with many grappling with legacy systems, the integration of diverse IT infrastructure and people issues as they work to integrate across the organization. One can implement all the above changes to mitigated against risk and demonstrate compliance to the relevant standards, however the key is how it is monitored.

The Monitoring Solution

The solution is to adopt a risk-based software solution to monitor and manage your cybersecurity obligations that will allow you to integrate policies across the whole organization. A system that provides an end-to-end cybersecurity assessment that enables companies to identify, analyze and prevent cybersecurity breaches.  Better yet a tool that tracks and monitors the performance of your cybersecurity policies and procedures on an ongoing basis to provide assurance to the board that financial and reputational implications are minimized. One that is based on the NIST Framework, where adaptations can be made for any type of organization. To find out more information on how your company can benefit from a cybersecurity solution with endless possibilities in reducing your stress levels, then contact us today on
ViClarity are pleased to introduce one of our new modules which give companies a complete assessment of data protection. Our data protection solution is designed to meet legal requirements on data protection legislation and is tailored to meet clients own individual requirements. Our unique software comes pre-populated with a complete set of controls to track compliance with Data Protection regulation, and enables firms to proof their monitoring process.   Benefits of the ViClarity solution
  • Accesses your current level of compliance and identifies weaknesses to close the gap
  • Ongoing monitoring process to track performance against regulation over time
  • Delivers a complete audit trail of all activity
  • All actions are delivered on to-do lists
  • Highly visual reports in real time
  • Reduce administrative effort by up to 60%
  These are just some of the many benefits the ViClarity Data Protection solution can provide to any organisation. To find out more information on how our system can provide you with a comprehensive accountability chain, minimise the time taken to collect compliance monitoring data, saving your firm time, money and stress, then call us today at 01-9022859. Alternatively, you can contact our Product Specialist Paul Griffin on 087-7787606 or email Paul at We offer a complete compliance monitoring solution that has endless possibilities in managing Data Protection obligations and to reduce everyone’s stress levels within the organisation.

Look at what we can do for you!

  • Why Professionals Choose ViClarity
  • Design services
  • Implementation services
  • Training Services
  • Support Services
We have the know-how and experience to design a ViClarity solution that maps directly onto your existing business and operational processes. We will tailor make the solution to deliver the information that you need about the compliance of your organisation and deliver to a level of verification agreed with you. Our team and partners have a real depth of business experience. This enables us to get a genuine understanding of the needs of your organisation, and to design a compliance monitoring solution that can produce exact reports on strategic or critical activities in your organisation.
The system is built by ViClarity and/or ViClarity partners to meet the exact requirements of the customer and made available for the customer to view pre-launch. Following the initial client viewing, the system is made live and the first actions delegated by e-mail to the users. There is no need for additional equipment or software on site, the system is intuitive with many of our current users starting without any advance training, and implementations are typically stress free.
System and User Training is provided by your ViClarity partner. It will show you how to manage, edit and grow your system and show the end users how to input information. The system is designed to be very easy to use, and all stages of the training are available on Video in the Help section of the application.
Your ViClarity partner will support you on all levels of use, and on how to get the best from your system. Additional technical support is provided directly by ViClarity to address any technical issues. System up-time and backup are managed by ViClarity to deliver an exceptional level of availability and security.

ViClarity is a company that was founded in 2008 by Ogie Sheehy in Ireland. In a short space of time the company has grown exponentially and secured a strong foot hold in two key sectors - health care and financial services compliance. It has designed and developed a highly innovative technological software solution to help bring visibility and clarity to all aspects of compliance.

It has secured a high profile client base with healthcare companies such as Mowlam, MHA and most recently the NHS using its technology solution. In financial services it boasts over 85 Irish based credit unions, insurance clients such as ALD RE: (SocGen), Irish Insurance Federation and many more. With offices now in Ireland, London and Chicago it continues to grow its client base globally with its innovative technology.

ViClarity’s uniqueness comes from its ability to deliver world class risk and compliance software that enables users/officer manage an increased burden of compliance in a highly visual and intuitive tool. ViClarity are now extending this unique technology into the Alternative Investment Management arena to revolutionise compliance monitoring standards in a growing industry sector.

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What our clients are saying

Meet the Team


John Ogie Sheehy

CEO and Founder

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Ogie (John) is our CEO and founder of ViClarity. With a degree in Applied Physics and Electronics from the Institute of Technology Tralee, Ogie has a strong passion for technology. With over 16 years’ experience working through the ranks for companies such as Hewlett Packard, IBM and Dell, he was inspired to create ViClarity - a company to provide technology solutions to business that were not being serviced by the large technology companies. Ogie has led ViClarity for over seven years now and has successfully directed launches in several international markets including Ireland, UK and US into sectors such as Financial Services and HealthCare.


Paul Griffin

Commercial Director

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Paul is our Commercial Director and specialises in compliance solutions for the financial services sector. He has a degree in Commerce from University College Cork, Ireland, and a certificate in language and culture, Sorbonne University, Paris. With over 20 years of experience delivering solutions with companies such as Siemens and Thompson Reuters, Paul has a depth of experience and understanding of how technology can be used to improve business practices.


Tracy Fitzgerald

Project Manager

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Tracy is a Project Manager with ViClarity. Her role involves architecting customer solutions, customer training and project management. She gained her undergraduate degree in Business and Management in Cork Institute of Technology and then went on to complete a Master’s in Business and Entrepreneurship in 2012. Tracy has a very strong interest in all things business and technology related and is constantly keeping up to date with new advancements in both areas.


Daniel Murphy

Financial Accountant

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Daniel is our Financial Accountant. He completed a Bachelor of Business studies from Tralee IT specialising in eBusiness. With over 8 years’ experience working in the finance area with high tech companies, Daniel has always been focused on ensuring that all aspects of the accounting functions have been taken care of with great accuracy and in a timely manner. He has a keen interest in accounting and has a great depth of experience working with software Technology companies at a global level.


Aidan Harrington

Business Analyst

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Aidan is a Business Analyst with ViClarity where he manages Customer Support and assists with solution design and implementation. He gained his Diploma in Civil Engineering in Tralee Institute of Technology in 2010 and a Diploma in Web Design with Pitman Training in 2014. He has over 5 years management experience in the Agricultural Industry.

Neil O'Sullivan

Neil O’Sullivan

Marketing Specialist

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Neil is the Marketing Specialist at ViClarity where he is tasked with running all of ViClarity's marketing campaigns. Neil's role includes content marketing, social media, PR, email marketing, website management and event management. Neil gained an Honours Degree in Information Systems Management from IT Tralee in 2012. Since then Neil worked as a Deputy Manager at Boylesports where he gained experience in a fast paced retail environment and he was involved in implementing their marketing strategies.

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