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Adult Day Care – making it easier to satisfy regulations

Investment-Managers Adult medical day care

If you’re an owner and/or operator of an Adult Day Care center, you can avail of a very user friendly and efficient means of ensuring that your center is operating in a manner that satisfies State regulations. You can sleep comfortably at night knowing that the risks and penalties for non-compliance are not a concern. Our automated compliance monitoring platform will give you the tools and structure you need to tackle your compliance needs with increased efficiency and greater transparency.

Adult Day Care centers are investing in best-practice technology to ensure they maintain their license in good standing, achieve the highest daily rate possible or create a competitive advantage. Working with ViClarity ensures higher levels of compliance and higher levels of internal efficiency.

Compliance Management for Adult Day Care Centers – the ViClarity approach

  1. Everything in one place – from State regulations, to tracking completion of essential tasks throughout your facility resulting in better management by more effective monitoring, measurement and visibility – as the old adage goes if it is not measured, it is not managed. You’ll have all the details you need at your fingertips. This leads to smoother reporting and our platform allows you to run bespoke reports by department or facility.
  2. Easy to use – you’ll find our platform easy-to-use and you and your team will be active on the system in a matter of minutes once the solution has been set up. You can use regulatory templates or build your own checklists and audits. Our platform ensures you can monitor all aspects of achieving compliance with State regulations, food program and have access to crucial information at your fingertips.
  3. Save time and money – you will significantly reduce time spent on administration, report creation and chasing updates. It centralizes and simplifies your compliance process to deliver both cost savings and major efficiency gains. ViClarity’s solution is also proactive in that you can run gap analysis reports, and identify potential points of failure.
  4. Reduce manual input, duplication and human error – by replacing manual paper-based audits with a purpose-built software platform, you can be sure all details are up-to-date and in the right place. This results in an increased level of transparency and a clear audit trail that regulators demand.
  5. Solid structure giving you real peace-of-mind – now you can deliver real-time alerts based on accountability trails within the organisation to avoid missing critical deadlines. With our solution, you will dramatically reduce administration duplicity and instantly view up-to-minute status of any task or activity.
    With increasing regulation in healthcare, it’s crucial that you put a system in place to handle this requirement and ensure you remain fully compliant. With ViClarity, you’ll have all the information you need in one easy-to-use platform, giving you a solid foundation for your compliance function.