Is regulation preventing you from gaining a competitive edge? 

More than half of people in Ireland feel that hospitals are dangerous places, according to a 2014 EU survey on patient safety. According to the Eurobarometer survey, 54% of those questioned felt it was likely they could be harmed by the care they receive in them. These are scary and disappointing statistics for any of us to read especially as we know one day we will be a patient in a healthcare facility hoping for the best care available. It must be even more disappointing as a healthcare provider to read these damning statistics.

Hospitals throughout the country are under pressure as they attempt to meet increasing regulatory compliance requirements with decreasing resources. Caring for patients is the main function of a nurse or doctor in any healthcare organisation and sometimes the burden of complying with regulations is taking valuable time away from caring for these patients. Although all healthcare regulations are designed to improve care and efficiency there is no denying a lot of the time they are burdensome and impractical.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom there is a way to allow you meet regulatory standards set out by your governing body, HIQA, CQC or TJC, and this is by employing a smart software solution to track compliance and performance objectives in your healthcare organisation while ensuring adherence to the regulatory standards. Having a streamlined approach enables you to manage all your compliance in one easy to use system and produce comprehensive reports at the click of a button. ViClarity are a proven provider of compliance monitoring solutions and our clients benefit from a reliable audit trail,  eliminated risk of human error when inputting data, reduction in costs associated with auditing and administration, and best of all the saving of time which allows them focus on the care of patients.

Don’t allow your healthcare organisation become one of the detrimental statistics we see far too often in the public domain. Nor sure you allow regulation become a stressful and cumbersome ordeal. ViClarity can help you demonstrate compliance and patient care in a smart, effective and efficient manner and allow you gain the competitive edge you merit.

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