Overcoming Technophobia

Let’s face it, many of us when we hear of new software or technology being implemented, think anxiety, torment and unwelcome change lies ahead. There is comfort in familiarity and we fear change to our normal working day. However, a change in how things are currently done is not always a bad thing, in fact change can often provide a lot of opportunities if it is managed appropriately. I’m not saying that all technology change is straight forward, I admit that the implementation of some technologies or software can require a huge change in people’s mind set and in some organisations the change can be very complex, time consuming and costly. It can also come down to your level of expertise and your confidence in using technology. Some people work solely with manual spreadsheets on a daily basis or in some cases still maintain a paper trail, and the idea of a technology solution being introduced can cause worry. But there really is no need to “fear the unknown” if the correct software solution is selected and if appropriate training is provided.

At ViClarity, we have a lot of experience with these issues and have made a conscious effort to design our software solution to be very easy to implement and even easier for the user to engage with. In-fact I’d go as far as to say that we are passionate about this exact topic and embed that principle into our day to day work. Simplicity is key to success and we have ensured with our software’s simplicity comes reliability and efficiency. As a result, we have very successfully introduced our software into many diverse client organisations where there have been different levels of ages, profiles of the users, technical capabilities and scope of business.

We make the implementation of our software very straightforward and can move organisations from time consuming manual or paper processes to an automated system with great ease and less stress than your typical “system installation”. This involves focusing on the users and ensuring that they are really comfortable with the technology and that they have received the right level of training. Breaking down this fear is crucial and typically in less than 4 weeks we can have a software system successfully embedded in a company.

ViClarity embrace the challenge providing the user and their management with the appropriate outputs from the system. It is often the case where technology is introduced into an organisation, takes a long time to install and never really meets the requirements based on the expectations of the management team. At ViClarity we have a second, yet related, core principle to simplicity – this is “visual”. When we implement ViClarity into any business regardless of the nature of the business, we provide a “highly visual” colour coded dashboard that allows the user, manager or indeed regulator easily see the data and the areas that require attention. Many software solutions come with very complex reporting tools and in some cases may even require a third party software tool to provide reports. We view this as adding complexity to the solution and understand why it would drive more fear into the eyes of the user.

In general, installing a software platform such as ViClarity does not have to be a stressful, timely and costly exercise. By working with the right provider all the fear can be taken away and effectiveness can be introduced into a business seamlessly to add immediate value. So don’t become a technophobe – try using ViClarity today.

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