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risk SolutionsWhat is Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)?
Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) can mean a lot of different things to different people. At its basic level, ERM can be described as a risk-based approach to managing an enterprise, integrating concepts of internal control, regulatory compliance, and strategic planning. ERM can also be described as a practice that steers the decision-making process in order to optimize performance throughout the organization.

Why is ERM important?
Enterprise Risk Management is important because financial institutions are faced with a mounting number of compliance and regulatory burdens. Pressure from both internal (board) and external (regulators, etc) sources continues to increase, and a sophisticated ERM system can help organizations manage all of their key processes in one place.

Benefits of a ViClarity ERM system

  • One stop shop for all Compliance/Audit/Risk
  • Automated report with full audit trail
  • Pre-populated templates for NCUA guidelines & ability to customize system with your templates/spreadsheets
  • Scheduled audits at predefined frequencies including automated prompts when activity is due
  • Integrated view of Risk & Compliance
  • No excel spreadsheets = No chasing updates = EFFICIENCY
  • Quickly identify areas of non compliance within the company
  • Stay focused on growing business

To download our ERM brochure please click here

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Project Management

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Many traditional project management systems track the very detailed view of a project but can often fail in the ability to provide high level status reports for executives in Financial institutions. At ViClarity, we provide a platform for complimenting these systems and track the key milestones of multiple projects on a clear dashboard view.

ViProject was developed to enable a structured approach to the reporting of projects in financial institutions and flag areas of concern. The software can track key deliverables and hold the relevant individuals accountible for these for specific projects. It can also track and manage key project documents through the life cycle of the project and track approvals for different stages/phases of a project.
Actions will be tracked to closure for any outstanding deliverables and communications will be streamlined.

ViProject is designed to allow project managers create new projects, checklists and delegate tasks that are linked to an associated project.

ViProject benefits:

  • Embeds detailed project plans
  • Tracks and manages project status
  • Tracks critical project documents
  • Tracks project status
  • Electronic approval from stakeholders
  • Overall or individual project reporting

Take the effort out of your project review meetings and provide visibility using ViProject

ViProject is suitable for the following sectors

US Credit Unions View Sector Community Banks View Sector
Investment Management View Sector Insurance View Sector

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Process Management

risk Solutions

Do you have manual processes in your Bank or Credit Union that are tracked on an excel spreadsheet ?
Are you worried that these processes may not be effectively managed and may pose risk to your business?

If so, check out ViProcess, ViClarity’s bespoke software platform that enables you to build & configure any checklist in your organisation into this system. Whether it is a compliance checklist, a branch level assessment, a tracker for information across multi sites or simply a process that you wish to track then check this out.

The innovative and customisable solution enables you to :

  • Create specific questions
  • Set rules around this question
  • Trigger sub questions from the main question
  • Build decision trees
  • Develop complex workflows
  • Gather documents for tracking or evidence
  • Create custom views of the date on the dashboard
  • Create data groupings
  • Custom reporting
  • Question weighting
  • Trigger approvals, alerts and notifications

This simple to use and configurable system will transform your organisation and drive structured assessment and reporting to all areas of your business.

Call us for more details and let us demonstrate the benefits you will gain from implementing ViProject

ViProject is suitable for the following sectors

US Credit Unions View Sector Community Banks View Sector
Investment Management View Sector Insurance View Sector

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Vendor Management

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Is the management of vendors in your organisation getting you down? A manual and time consuming process with no reports or accountability from the vendors? Well here at ViClarity, we believe that the appropriate management of vendors is critical to the success of your business. Examiners and regulators are also placing significant focus on ensuring that financial institutions have appropriate systems and processes implemented in their organisations to reduce vendor risk.
ViClarity have developed an innovative technology solution ViVendor that offers a complete lifecycle approach to managing vendors. This solution has been tried and tested by many financial institutions and delivers significant benefits such as :

  • Automated workflow for vendor onboarding
  • Prompts when activity is due for completion by the vendor or vendor owner
  • Full accountability for all vendors
  • 50% saving of time, money and resources
  • Simple vendor classification
  • Streamlined workflow ensuring vendor related compliance
  • Visual dashboard to identify high risks/critical vendors

This leading edge software solution can help Banks and Credit Unions stay compliant with NCUA and FDIC regulation.

We have developed a number of modules to drive this process and instil accountability for all vendors.

These include:

  • Vendor onboarding workflow
  • Vendor Risk assessment
  • Vendor Due Diligence
  • Vendor security questionnaire

Take the manual spreadsheets out of the management of your Vendors and check out ViVendor

ViVendor is suitable for the following sectors

US Credit Unions View Sector Community Banks View Sector
Investment Management View Sector Insurance View Sector

To download our Vendor Management brochure please click here

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