Are you at risk of becoming an Excel spreadsheet engineer?

Nowadays we are all Excel experts with most of us using spreadsheets on a weekly if not daily basis. Spreadsheets have become part of our everyday working lives and have given us functions and formulas to perform calculations, analyze data and identify trends. Some people use spreadsheets as a way to gain order in their lives – track their finances, detail their household chores, monitor their fitness goals and even catalogue their favorite TV programs. We also all have that colleague who just adores spreadsheets and every team meeting involves everybody being treated to a
viewing of the statistics he compiled which includes the obligatory pie chart and bar chart. With all this focus and talk about spreadsheets it must be the way to go, right?


It may be great for organizing our personal lives but when it comes to relying on spreadsheets for our work in banks, credit unions, hospitals and factories the spreadsheet just doesn’t cut it. The Excel program itself is reasonably robust but the problem begins to manifest itself when people create spreadsheets. How do we trace where our data comes from, how to we keep an accurate audit trail, how to we know all our manual entries are correct? The answer is we don’t and here lies the issue with spreadsheets. Statistics show that 9 out of 10 spreadsheets contain
errors. That’s an alarming statistic considering we all at one stage confidently sat in front of our manger and presented what we thought was 100% accurate information. So what’s the alternative to spreadsheets? A cloud based software tool which securely keeps all your data in one centralized place, tracks changes, keeps an audit trail and identifies trends. This type of software eliminates the dreaded merging of spreadsheet and enormous pages being sent to the printer. It also promotes accountability and provides automated percentage calculations. Have you ever been so busy trying to meet a deadline when suddenly, your computer crashes resulting in all your information becoming lost. Well, fear no more as a cloud based solution captures all information in real-time so your data automatically saves. Sensitive information can too easily fall into the wrong hands and this is something you can’t control if you are emailing a spreadsheet to 10 different people in your organization.

A system that you login to and gives different viewing levels to staff members ensuring all your data is secure and protected is what every company should have. For many the most appealing feature of a cloud based software solution is the time and effort it saves, not only time saved correcting a mistake but time spent inputting, analyzing and reporting. So don’t be a slave to spreadsheets be risk conscious and time efficient and store all your data on one secure software solution.

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