Solutions In Focus - CP86 Compliance Tool

Together with our regulatory partners, ViClarity has developed an end to end CP86 compliance tool that enables fund management companies to assess their compliance levels with CP86 regulations.

How It Works

Breaking Down The Regulation

ViClarity's CP86 compliance tool breaks the regulation down into a serious of sections and questions that a fund management company can ask themselves over time. These questions are delegated out within the platform to the relevant employees within the organisation and answers given are displayed on a centralised dashboard for the chief risk & compliance officers to view.

Non-Compliances Flagged

The dashboard will automatically flag up any areas on non-compliance within the business and their funds, allowing management to quickly identify any areas of concern. Any trends in the data can also be quickly identified.

Corrective Actions 

Corrective actions can also be set within the tool and tracked to closure to ensure that these areas of non-compliance are rectified in the future. By managing the actions on the ViClarity tool organisations are cutting down on the chasing of people through email allowing for a smoother process and a quicker turn around for the completion of actions. 


Reports on overall CP86 compliance can be generated in one click on the ViClarity tool. These reports can be filtered through to go into minute detail or they can be used to show overall compliance levels across the whole organisation.

The Results

ViClarity's CP86 compliance module is used on a daily basis with our clients and has been found to save up to 60% of the time taken to compile CP86 compliance checks and reports. The reports generated from the system are used weekly to report to management, Board members and to the Central Bank when responses are due or inspections take place.

See For Yourself

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