PWC Ireland and ViClarity Launch a Client Assets Automated Service

ViClarity were delighted to attend the PWC launch of their joint Client Assets Automated Service for investment businesses. The launch took place on Tuesday October 25th at the PWC office at Spencer Dock Dublin.

Paul Griffin of ViClarity demonstrated the ViClarity Solution to attendees of the launch and showed the capabilities the solution which include;

  • Enables companies to focus on activities that will have material effect on compliance.
  • Provides an ongoing monitoring process to assure investors and the board of compliance with regulations.
  • Enables the management of compliance by delivering real transparency and detailed reports.
  • Reduces the time taken to establish actions that need to be taken to ensure compliance
  • Delivers highly visual reports in real time.

The tool will provide a gap analysis and compliance monitoring that will significantly reduce the time taken to assess the degree of readiness of investment banks. CAR / IMR regulation, together with guidelines has been tabulated by PwC and loaded into this automated workflow driven process. This process will deliver a report identifying both material and non-material non-compliances, and enable the firm to focus resource on relevant areas at an early stage.

The process is designed to make the on boarding of new compliance obligations more dynamic and to bridge the gap between processes already in place and new requirements. ViClarity’s compliance monitoring tool automates time consuming monitoring processes and enables a firm to focus their resources on key areas of non-compliances.