ViClarity Launch 5K A Day Fundraiser in Aid of Mental Health Ireland

On Thursday December 8th the ViClarity Team set out on the first leg of their “5K A Day” fundraiser in aid of Mental Health Ireland. This year marks the 50th anniversary of Mental Health Ireland and to celebrate this achievement the ViClarity Team will seek to run 5 kilometres a day for 10 consecutive days, reaching a total of 50 kilometres, 1 kilometre to mark each year of Mental Health Irelands existence.


Ogie Sheehy CEO of ViClarity leading the way during the “5K A Day” charity run.

The launch run of the series took place today starting at the ViClarity office in the Tom Crean Centre. The team set out on their 5km chosen route, running toward Tralee town before looping around and returning to the ViClarity offices.

The aim of the run is to raise vital funds for Mental Health Ireland and to mark their tremendous achievement in reaching 50 years of helping people with mental health difficulties all around Ireland. The run combines Mental Healths Irelands guidelines for “Five Ways for Wellbeing” which include connecting with others, being active, taking notice, keep learning (try something new) and finally giving.

The ViClarity “5K A Day” has even reached the Southeast of the United States of America. A special mention must go to Richard Butti of ViClarity who is based out of Atlanta, Georgia. Richard put on his running shoes for an early morning run this morning and set out on his 5K at the same time as the rest of the ViClarity Team. Richard was happy to be able to contribute to such as great cause as Mental Health Ireland.

Richard Butti joining in The ViClarity 5K A Day in Atlanta

Richard Butti joining in The ViClarity 5K A Day in Atlanta, Georgia

For charities such as Mental Health Ireland “giving” is very important as the funds donated are used to run the charity year after year. ViClarity will be making a donation to Mental Health Ireland at the end of the “5K A Day” fundraiser. If you are interested in donating to Mental Health Ireland you can do so through the ViClarity event page at Any donations are welcome as every cent counts.

To keep up with how the ViClarity fundraiser is going you can follow our social channels on Twitter and LinkedIn.