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A modular platfrom for fund managers Risk, Compliance and Vendor Management

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ViClarity Fund Management

ViClarity has been providing Audit, Risk & Compliance software to some of the biggest global fund managers over the last 10 years. Fund Management organisations have been using ViClarity solutions ranging from online Risk Registers to Compliance Monitoring to very specific areas such as Vendor Management, Client Assets, Investor Money, AIFMD and many more.

ViClarity provides efficiency in the process of the management of complex regulatory compliance obligations and embeds a strong culture of Risk and Compliance into Fund Organisations. The ViClarity software has been tried and tested in the International Fund Management market and our large client base have customised ViClarity modules to suit their needs.

Our unique software is an ideal fit for any organisation who are trying to introduce efficiency, cost savings and trying to drive a structured process in the on boarding of funds and the ongoing management of funds on a regular basis.

Enterprise Risk Management

The ERM solution enables organisations to automate the collection of Risk Data, KRI's and Risk Controls, allowing for ease of reporting across jurisdictions, departments and business units.


ViClarity cuts the cost and time involved in collecting, collating and reporting on AIFMD compliance obligations including CP86 and more.

Compliance Management

Track and manage all of your compliance obligations to multiple regulators in one centralised solution.

Vendor Management

Manage vendor due diligence, contracts and reviews in one place eliminating duplicate spreadsheets and minimizing the manual effort involved in collating vendor data.

Fund Onboarding

Client onboarding can be laborious and inefficient due to the manual form-filling and repetitive tasks. ViClarity automates the process saving you time and money while ensuring the necessary steps are taken to onboard the funds successfully.

Client Assets & Investor Money

The Responsibility for Client Asset & Investor Money is ultimately with the board. ViClarity have developed a complete suite of controls to establish compliance and deliver an ongoing compliance management process.

Enterprise Risk Management

From assessing individual risks to monitoring key risk indicators (KRI's) and controls, ViClarity brings all of your ERM information together. ViClarity automates your processes to enable officers to spend less time chasing information and more time analyzing the performance of the risk and compliance controls in your organization.

ERM Solution Features

  • Risk & Control Library – Choose from ViClarity’s large range of sample risks and controls which are updated on an ongoing basis.
  • Automated Risk Data Collection & Collation – Risk owners input there risk & control data and this information is available for management to view and report on organization wide.
  • Report – Provide your stakeholders with the latest information on your organizations top risks. Our system has interactive dashboards and heatmaps so you can review and drive business decisions.

Compliance Management

The ViClarity solution comes with pre-populated templates to enable Fund Organisations to identify, assess, manage and report on regulatory compliance obligations from regulatory bodies such as The Central Bank Of Ireland and The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). View compliance in real-time on ViClarity's color coded live dashboard which allows you to track trends and movement over time.

Compliance Solution Features

  • Regulatory Templates – Choose from our large suite of regulatory templates which cover regulations from all over the world. These templates can be modified to suit each individual organisation.
  • Real Time Compliance – Analyse compliance in real time on ViClarity’s live dashboards allowing for real time identification of non-compliance. Trackable actions can be assigned and managed through the system.
  • Satisfy The Regulators – Prove compliance to regulators and present compliance reports to the board with one click, highly configurable reports and dashboards.

Fund Onboarding

Fund onboarding processes can be laborious and inefficient with the majority of organisations still using manual processes which are time consuming and repetitive in nature. This can be frustrating for both the investment advisor or asset manager and frustrating for clients who have come to expect fast and easy automated services.

ViClarity automates the information capture, identification and risk assessment process allowing the onboarding process to become more efficient and enabling firms to meet their compliance obligations while streamlining workload and improving client experience.

Fund Onboarding Solution Features

  • Enhanced Regulatory Compliance - The automated process of due diligence during the fund onboarding process will take you through the steps to ensure that the new fund is suitable and will comply with regulations.
  • Fast, Easy & Automated Onboarding - The automated information capture during the onboarding process and automated risk assessments mean that the process is faster and more efficient saving time, money and improving client experience.
  • Instant Reporting & Analysis - View the status of new funds in real time on ViClarity's live RAG dashboards. Instantly identify areas of concern during the onboarding process and assign corrective actions through the system.


With AIFMD having been subject to many revisions it is becomming increasingly difficult for Fund Managers to stay on top of their AIFMD requirements. With CP86 and Annex IV Reporting requirements now is the time to think about automating the process.

The ViClarity solution automates this process for Fund Organisations so they can rest assured that they are compliant with the provisions of the AIFMD in relation to areas such as Annex IV Reporting, CP86 and other components of AIFMD.

AIFMD Solution Features

  • Demonstrable Compliance - Demonstrate institutional grade governance and compliance processes for investor due diligence.
  • Assess Your Readiness - Enables the compliance officer to run gap analysis reports, identifying potential points of failure, enabling early corrective action.
  • Satisfy Regulators - Provide the Manager, Regulator, Investors and other stakeholders with complete audit trails of compliance

Vendor Management

Third-party risk is a hot topic for regulators. When a Fund Organisation outsources an activity to an outside vendor it can introduce new and/or increased risk to the organisation. Vendor Management is all about identifying, assessing, measuring, monitoring and controlling those risks.

ViClarity's Vendor Management solution enables you to have all your vendor due diligence, contracts and reviews in one central place eliminating duplicate spreadsheets and minimising the manual effort involved in collating a vendor's information.

Vendor Management Solution Features

  • Automated Vendor Tasks – Spend less time reviewing answers vendors fill in on spreadsheets by automating the process of Vendor Due Diligence on ViClarity. The system will flag areas of concern saving you time trying to find them on spreadsheets.
  • Higher Compliance – Ensure higher compliance rates by mapping vendor controls and assessments to regulations and internal policies.
  • Vendor Classification – Identify your most critical vendors and their associated risks through our intuitive and third party risk assessments.

Client Assets & Investor Money

The responsibility for Client Assets & Investor Money is ultimately with the board and the regulators are enforcing compliance by issuing sizable penalties for non compliance.

Fund Management firms need to demonstrate they have systems and controls in place to protect client/investor property and validate compliance to regulation.

The ViClarity solution for Client Assets & Investor Money comes complete with a suite of controls to establish compliance and deliver an ongoing compliance management process.

Client Assets & Investor Money Solution Features

  • Early Intervention - Performs an initial gap analysis with non-compliance reports to allow early intervention.
  • Pre-Populated Templates - Includes a complete set of controls to validate and monitor compliance to Client Asset and Investor Money regulation and guidelines.
  • Centralised Compliance - Expandable to manage the monitoring of other compliance obligations.

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