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Introduction to ViClarity Other Services

ViClarity offer a large array of solutions in many other sectors. All solutions can be customised to suit each and every organisation and we have the ability to create Bespoke tools to replace any large, cumbersome manual based processes.

For any quires on our Bespoke solutions use our Live Chat feature on the webpage. 


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Strategic Performance Management
This is a best-of-breed system that has been designed to manage the practical aspects of implementing strategic objectives across an organisation. It delivers on two key objectives<

  • Track and monitor key strategic or operational business objectives and deliver results on a user friendly dashboard that allows a manager to identify underperformance trends, and to drill for detail.
  • A system that enforces greater accountability from line managers. It captures comment and commitment on the delivery of strategic objectives on an ongoing basis.

The system delivers on these objectives and benefits from

  • Verification of inputted data. Uses EviSure, a proprietary information verification system.
  • Flexibility – an excellent tool for business performance tracking across different parts of an organisation monitoring very different performance measures.
  • Speed – Real-time view of performance across all areas and early identification of under performance
  • Validation – A real depth of verification options that cater for all deliverables
  • Visibility – A single dashboard that ‘red lights’ underperformance and gives a total view of performance against the objectives or criterion set.
  • Accountability Drives real accountability by requiring individuals to comment and make commitment on performance and/or corrective actions required.
  • Transparency – a record of ongoing performance completed by the individual responsible
  • Mobile updates – access performance reports of input information wherever you are.
  • Cost – A low cost solution that significantly reduces the cost of admin
  • Early warning – Identifies underperformance immediately

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Local Authorities

Local Authorities

ViClarity’s Process Used Daily In Local Authorities
Local Authorities around Ireland are using our process to enable them to successfully integrate their Strategic Plans with their Risk Registers and Audit Universe. ViClarity allows Local Authorities to automate all of these processes using one easy to navigate solution. Corporate goals and associated objectives can be linked with Risk Registers and synced to the Audit Universe promoting audits during regular intervals.

The system delivers the following benefits to Local Authorities:

  1. Audit UniverseFull coverage of audits over time, operational area, stage and status.
  2. EfficiencySaves time & money by automating and integrating Risk Registers with the Audit Universe & Corporate plan.
  3. ReportingLive data & reports across all audits, Risk Registers and progress of Strategic Plans.
  4. Action Tracking Audit Universe recommendations actively tracked & reported on to closure.
  5. Ease Of UseManage multiple departments in one system. Link multiple Risk Registers together and generate reports.

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