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ViClarity's essential software platform saves you: Time & Money, delivering: Accountability, Efficiency & Simplicity.

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ViClarity is an innovative platform that allows you to track and manage all your compliance in one system and provide powerful reports. You can build your own checklists or choose from our many pre-populated templates and customise to suit the exact needs of your Organisation.

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Abstract: Embedding the Risk & Compliance culture with the Board of Directors, Board Oversight and staff was vitally important for Carrickmacross Credit Union while also taking ownership and responsibility across the operational and governance side of the business. Niamh Kieran, Risk Management & Compliance Officer at Carrickmacross Credit Union also required a system which could facilitate Risk Management and all the Compliance modules under the one umbrella. Following many discussions with the Audit and Risk Committee it was agreed to seek a new software supplier. After identifying a number of suppliers who did not meet their requirements, Niamh was introduced to ViClarity. Read the full case study by clicking on the link below: Carrickmacross Credit Union Switch To ViClarity
ViClarity have progressed to the final 12 in the Bridge to MassChallenge Cork. This is great news for the company as ViClarity CEO Ogie Sheehy will now board a plane to Boston in early April to take part in the next phase of the competition. This week ViClarity along with 19 other Irish MedTech and Life Science companies were involved in a three day bootcamp where they were assessed under a number of criteria. After presenting to the judges on the final day, 12 companies were selected for the week long trip to Boston. About Bridge to MassChallenge Cork Bridge to MassChallenge Cork is an international startup competition, in partnership with the Cork County Council, that identifies and accelerates the top healthcare and life sciences startups in the Republic of Ireland, and connects those startups to the global market and MassChallenge's global network. ViClarity already has a large footprint of healthcare clients in Ireland and the UK and this competition will open doors to expand and sell our products into the US market. The mentoring provided along with the connections made are priceless to all the companies involved in the process. Congratulations to the other 11 companies who have made it through to Boston bootcamp. The competition was so strong that the an extra two companies were added to the original list of 10. We would like to thank everyone involved in the process and we look forward to heading to Boston in April.

Final Preparations For The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The May 2018 implementation date for the EU backed General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is quickly approaching yet recent publications have claimed more than 50% of businesses lack key capabilities to ensure compliance under GDPR. This lack of movement towards adapting the necessary steps and requirements to meet the regulations demands is equivalent to an organisation burying their head in the sand. GDPR has been 4 years in the making and at its core is a set of rules that dictate how organisations should collect, store and dispose of the personal data of EU residents. GDPR received the green light as of 14 April 2016 and will come into play across all EU member states from 25 May 2018, replacing Directive 95/46 EC and Member State implementing legislation. GDPR will seek to strengthen and unify data protection for individuals within the EU while also addressing the exportation of personal data outside the EU. This new regulation is seen as the most ambitious and comprehensive changes to data protection rules globally in the last 20 years. The demands of a 21st-century business see customers expecting business to operate at all times. The increasingly global economy allows little room for downtime and it is not tolerated by customers as they can readily take their business elsewhere. Data protection strategies need to take into account these 24/7 expectations but also the changing legislation around such protection strategies. On top of these customer demands, data protection is important because of the increased usage and reliance on computers and computer systems in certain industries e.g. financial services and healthcare. This increased usage has resulted in the recognition that data is an important corporate asset that needs to be safeguarded and the loss of such information and failure to comply with the relevant legislation and regulations can lead to direct financial losses, such as lost sales, fines, or monetary judgments. GDPR is applicable to any company that processes EU user data, even if that processing or data storage occurs outside of the EU. It has the primary objective of giving citizens back the control of their personal data and to simplify the regulatory environment for international business by unifying the regulation within the EU. GDPR contains some key changes, 5 of which are highlighted below:
  • Accountability
    • Requirement to be able to demonstrate how compliance with GDPR is achieved.
  • Consent
    • Sees the introduction of a higher standard for the conformance with an individual’s need to consent.
  • International Data Transfer
    • Data Transfer to non EEA countries is prohibited unless sufficient protection is in place.
  • Privacy Notices
    • Information to be provided to individuals in an easy accessible form, using clear language.
  • Individual Rights
    • Provides individuals with enhanced rights regarding the processing of their personal data.
(LEDP) Law Enforcement Data Protection Directive (2016/680) Another important parallel part to the GDPR is the Law Enforcement Data Protection Directive (2016/680) known as the LEDP Directive. The LEDP has been proposed by the European Commission but has not attracted as much attention and debate as the GDPR, but both constitute a package and were adopted together. The Data Protection Framework Decision 2008 will be replaced by LEDP and is to be implemented into national law from the 6 May 2018. This directive focuses on the protection of any personal data processed for law enforcement purposes. The failure of an organisation to comply with the regulations outlined above will have negative implications in a variety of different forms ranging from a loss of customer and market confidence in the company’s product offering as a result of non-conformance through to the surrendering of custom to organisations observing the regulation requirements. Perhaps the biggest implication is the financial one which sees the introduction of severe fines being imposed on organisations of up to USD 22 million or up to 4% of annual worldwide revenue. In reality the process of GDPR preparation should have already begun by now but less than one in five Irish Organisations regard themselves as well prepared. It’s imperative for organisations to take the first step in preparation now by putting processes in place to deal with GDPR and when May 2018 comes they can refer back to the processes in place and show regulators that they are on top of the situation. ViClarity is an award winning and trusted provider of Risk & Compliance monitoring solutions which offer a number of solutions within these key market spaces to help organisations structure their legislative and regulatory compliance requirements through an effective, easy to use Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) workflow tool. For more information on ViClarity’s GDPR solution or any other solutions call 01 902 2859 or email Chat to us live on our website at
We are delighted to announce that ViClarity have progressed to the final 20 in the prestigious Cork County Council Bridge to MassChallenge competition. ViClarity have been selected alongside nineteen other Irish organisations in the Medical Technology (MedTech), Life Sciences and Digital Health sector. This is the first ever Bridge to MassChallenge partnership in Ireland and it is sponsored by Cork County Council and endorsed by Enterprise Ireland and the Health Innovation Hub Ireland. Also known as B2MCCork this is a ground breaking start up programme with Boston based MassChallenge and will present a unique opportunity to organisations with potential to scale and connect with a global support system. ViClarity currently have a strong foothold in the Irish & UK healthcare sectors with many clients using our Healthcare Compliance & Auditing solutions. Our process is used daily in multiple healthcare organisations such as HSE Hospitals, Private Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Home Care Facilities, Disability Care and many more and as a result has been subject to many successful regulatory inspections from HIQA, CQC & the JCI. Using ViClarity information is gathered in real time and presented on live dashboards, any areas of concern or non-compliance to regulatory standards can be quickly identified and addressed using ViClarity’s corrective and preventative action feature. It has been a very exciting time for the company as we were recently selected as the “Most Cost Effective Healthcare Product” in Ireland at the IMSTA awards and now we start our journey on the Bridge to MassChallenge. For more on ViClarity’s Healthcare Compliance & Auditing solution contact

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ViClarity Win National Healthcare Award
ViClarity's Fundraiser Raises Vital Funds For Kerry Cancer Support & The Bon Secours Tralee Sudan Appeal. Last week we crossed the finish line and completed our "Tour de ViClarity" fundraiser which had the team taking turns on the office exercise bike with the goal of keeping it moving continuously for the full 40 hour working week. The fundraiser has raised a total of €400 from the public and ViClarity have added a further €600. In total ViClarity CEO Ogie Sheehy presented Kerry Cancer Support with a cheque for €1000 which will go towards running the Kerry to Cork Health Link Bus in 2018. [caption id="attachment_2168" align="alignleft" width="640"] Members of the ViClarity team presenting the cheque to Trish Kelly from Kerry Cancer Support[/caption] ViClarity have also made a donation of €500 to The Bon Secours Tralee to go toward their Sudan Appeal. In the last few weeks 30 volunteers from the Bon Secours Hospital Tralee including Doctors, Nurses, Technicians, Physios, Radiographers and Administrative staff travelled to poverty stricken Northern Sudan to bring their skills, vital medical equipment and supplies to the people of the region. Throughout the trip they assisted in the clinics and medical procedures. They have also worked with the local hospital staff and provide techniques to help raise the clinical and Infection Control standards. We are delighted to donate and help contribute to the costs of the trip.  

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Charity Fundraiser

It's the time of the year that we set out on our annual charity fundraiser. This year we have chosen the wonderful charity Kerry Cancer Support Group as our charity partner. The Kerry Cancer Support Group's Health Link Bus is an incredible service which collects and transfers patients from all over Kerry to Cork University Hospital on a daily basis. It is a vital service for people who may not have access to their own transport and we are delighted to donate all funds which will be raised from this years fundraiser to the group.

Tour de ViClarity

Last year we completed the "5K a day fundraiser" which had the ViClarity team running five kilometres a day for ten consecutive days. As this was a great success and also provided great exercise for the whole team we have decided to go down the "up and active" route again. This years event is called "Tour de ViClarity" and as you might have guessed it will see the team getting on our bikes to raise funds for Kerry Cancer Support Group.

The Details

On Monday December 18th to Friday December 22nd an exercise bike will be brought into the ViClarity offices in the Tom Crean Centre Tralee. ViClarity staff members will take turns on the bike to keep it moving between the hours of 9.00am - 5.30pm, Monday to Friday.

Donations Welcome

If you would like to donate to the cause you can do so through the following link Donate Here. All donations of any kind are welcomed as we hope to raise vital funds for Kerry Cancer Support Group. ViClarity will be making a donation to the group at the end of the event.
Toby the turkey wasn't a fan of Thanksgiving. For years he found it difficult to manage his Turkey Organizations risks during the Thanksgiving period. Unfortunately for Toby, he was managing his risks on manual based Excel sheets which were time consuming and difficult to collate. Recently Toby has implemented ViClarity to manage his Risk and Compliance functions. Click on the case study below to see how ViClarity have transformed the Governance, Risk & Compliance functions of Toby's Turkey Organization.   Download Here -> Toby The Turkey 
On Thursday 26th October ViClarity picked up our second National Award within a month after being selected as the best Irish Insurance Technology Company at the Irish Tech News FinTech 20 event. The event took place at University College Dublin and brought together Ireland's leading FinTech companies, startups, industry professionals and academics. [caption id="attachment_2116" align="alignleft" width="225"]25811 (1) ViClarity's Neil O'Sullivan collecting the award at the FinTech 20 Ireland event.[/caption]

The aim of the Fintech 20 Ireland event is to showcase Irish innovators who are transforming Financial Services. The event was packed with industry experts and guest speakers including Ex Ireland & Leinster Rugby player Mike Ross, Giles O' Neill from Enterprise Ireland and Mary McKenna - Angel Investor.

Why ViClarity Were Selected

ViClarity were announced as winners of the InsurTech category for their work with insurance companies in Ireland, the UK, the US and Canada. ViClarity provide insurance organisations with an automated solution to manage their Risk & Compliance Management, Vendor Management, Solvency II, GDPR, Cybersecurity and more in one centralised location. Through partnerships with industry experts such as the Irish Insurance Federation, Milliman and EisnerAmper, ViClarity's innovative technology solution provides customers with an end to end solution that proves both intuitive and cost effective.

ViClarity's financial services products transform the processes of our clients bringing real accountability & transparency to the organisations. On average ViClarity clients save up to 60% on time spent collating and compiling Risk & Compliance data and the solution gives them clear visibility of concern areas while giving them the ability to assign actions to these areas through the solution.

For more information on ViClarity's Insurance or Financial Services solutions contact and organise a product demonstration.

ViClarity are delighted to announce that we have made the shortlist of top three InsurTech companies at the #FinTech20Ireland awards taking place on Thursday October 26th at University College Dublin.  Irish Tech News are the driving force behind the awards which recognise the leading FinTech companies in Ireland. Capture ViClarity have been selected out of hundreds of Irish InsurTech companies and are in the top three along with Hublio and ACASM. We have been recognised due to our work with a large client base of Insurance companies in Ireland, the UK, the USA and Canada. Our solutions are used by insurance companies for Operational Risk, Compliance, Vendor Management, Solvency II, Data Protection and many other bespoke modules. Insurance clients have found using ViClarity saves them 60% on time spent on Risk & Compliance tasks and has significantly reduced the costs associated with these processes. We are looking forward to Thursday's event which is packed with a great line up of speakers and the agenda can be found here. It's been a great few months on the awards front for ViClarity after recently being awarded as the most cost effective product/service at the IMSTA MedTech Awards and also being named as one of the Top 25 Worldwide Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) companies by US Industry magazine CIO Applications.

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Book a ViClarity demonstration today by emailing or calling 01 902 2859.  
We are delighted to announce that ViClarity have won the award of "Most Cost Effective Product/Service" at the IMSTA MEDTECH AWARDS 2017. The annual awards, now in their sixth year were held in Croke Park last night and brought together developers, providers and suppliers of effective healthcare solutions for the health system in Ireland.  There were eight awards up for grabs on the night ranging from "Best Improvement In Patient Safety" to ViClarity's category "Most Cost Effective Product/Service. ViClarity CEO, Ogie Sheehy was in attendance on the night and collected the IMSTA Award from MC Anton Savage and Colman Casey from The Health Innovation Hub who sponsored the award. [caption id="attachment_2085" align="aligncenter" width="721"]Capture ViClarity CEO, Ogie Sheehy collecting the IMSTA Award for the Most Cost Effective Product/Service[/caption] After a rigorous selection process ViClarity were shortlisted for the award and invited by the Health Innovation Hub to sit at their table on the night. The judges researched and scrutinised the shortlisted companies before finally selecting ViClarity as the winner of the award. ViClarity were selected as the most cost effective product/service due to their work with healthcare facilities in the Public and Private sector in Ireland and the UK in areas such as Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Residential Care, Disability Care and Home Care. The solution is used daily in these healthcare facilities to automate the process of auditing and compliance to regulations such as HIQA, CQC and JCI. It provides healthcare organisations with clear insights into areas of non - conformance to regulations and allows them to assign trackable actions to areas of concern. The solution is proven to save healthcare organisations 60% on time spent collecting and compiling audit data by automating the process and replacing old pen & paper audits. One such case is the HSE Kerry Community Hospital who calculated a saving of 124 hours per year using ViClarity to monitor and improve quality through the development of an automated audit tool. The hospital transitioned from a time consuming paper based process which failed to provide real time data and trend analysis consistently throughout the year to an automated solution that monitored evidenced based practices to regulatory standards and provided exception reports with actions at a click of a button. On receiving the award ViClarity CEO, Ogie Sheehy said: "I am delighted to have received such a prestigious award. It's a true testament to the hard work of the ViClarity team and this award is recognition for the full team." Ogie also commented on what it means to provide such a cost effective product to the healthcare market. "It's an honor to be recognized for contribution to the improvement in quality of care in the Irish Healthcare sector and we look forward to continuing to grow this market and add more value for our customers." For more on the ViClarity Healthcare Compliance Monitoring Solution download the brochure Here For enquries contact:
Phone: 01 902 2859

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  • Why Professionals Choose ViClarity
  • Design services
  • Implementation services
  • Training Services
  • Support Services
We have the know-how and experience to design a ViClarity solution that maps directly onto your existing business and operational processes. We will tailor make the solution to deliver the information that you need about the compliance of your organisation and deliver to a level of verification agreed with you. Our team and partners have a real depth of business experience. This enables us to get a genuine understanding of the needs of your organisation, and to design a compliance monitoring solution that can produce exact reports on strategic or critical activities in your organisation.
The system is built by ViClarity and/or ViClarity partners to meet the exact requirements of the customer and made available for the customer to view pre-launch. Following the initial client viewing, the system is made live and the first actions delegated by e-mail to the users. There is no need for additional equipment or software on site, the system is intuitive with many of our current users starting without any advance training, and implementations are typically stress free.
System and User Training is provided by your ViClarity partner. It will show you how to manage, edit and grow your system and show the end users how to input information. The system is designed to be very easy to use, and all stages of the training are available on Video in the Help section of the application.
Your ViClarity partner will support you on all levels of use, and on how to get the best from your system. Additional technical support is provided directly by ViClarity to address any technical issues. System up-time and backup are managed by ViClarity to deliver an exceptional level of availability and security.

ViClarity is a company that was founded in 2008 by Ogie Sheehy in Ireland. In a short space of time the company has grown exponentially and secured a strong foot hold in two key sectors - health care and financial services compliance. It has designed and developed a highly innovative technological software solution to help bring visibility and clarity to all aspects of compliance.

It has secured a high profile client base with healthcare companies such as Mowlam, MHA and most recently the NHS using its technology solution. In financial services it boasts over 85 Irish based credit unions, insurance clients such as ALD RE: (SocGen), Irish Insurance Federation and many more. With offices now in Ireland, London and Chicago it continues to grow its client base globally with its innovative technology.

ViClarity’s uniqueness comes from its ability to deliver world class risk and compliance software that enables users/officer manage an increased burden of compliance in a highly visual and intuitive tool. ViClarity are now extending this unique technology into the Alternative Investment Management arena to revolutionise compliance monitoring standards in a growing industry sector.

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Meet the Team

John Ogie Sheehy

CEO and Founder

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Ogie (John) is our CEO and founder of ViClarity. With a degree in Applied Physics and Electronics from the Institute of Technology Tralee, Ogie has a strong passion for technology. With over 16 years’ experience working through the ranks for companies such as Hewlett Packard, IBM and Dell, he was inspired to create ViClarity - a company to provide technology solutions to business that were not being serviced by the large technology companies. Ogie has led ViClarity for over seven years now and has successfully directed launches in several international markets including Ireland, UK and US into sectors such as Financial Services and HealthCare.

Tracy Fitzgerald

Project Manager

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Tracy is a Project Manager with ViClarity. Her role involves architecting customer solutions, customer training and project management. She gained her undergraduate degree in Business and Management in Cork Institute of Technology and then went on to complete a Master’s in Business and Entrepreneurship in 2012. Tracy has a very strong interest in all things business and technology related and is constantly keeping up to date with new advancements in both areas.

Daniel Murphy

Financial Accountant

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Daniel is our Financial Accountant. He completed a Bachelor of Business studies from Tralee IT specialising in eBusiness. With over 8 years’ experience working in the finance area with high tech companies, Daniel has always been focused on ensuring that all aspects of the accounting functions have been taken care of with great accuracy and in a timely manner. He has a keen interest in accounting and has a great depth of experience working with software Technology companies at a global level.

Aidan Harrington

Business Analyst

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Aidan is a Business Analyst with ViClarity where he manages Customer Support and assists with solution design and implementation. He gained his Diploma in Civil Engineering in Tralee Institute of Technology in 2010 and a Diploma in Web Design with Pitman Training in 2014. He has over 5 years management experience in the Agricultural Industry.

Neil O’Sullivan

Business Development Executive

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Neil is a Business Development Executive at ViClarity with responsibility for marketing & sales. He is tasked with running all of ViClarity's marketing campaigns. Neil's role includes content marketing, social media, PR, email marketing, website management, product demonstrations, identifying new markets and event management. Neil gained an Honours Degree in Information Systems Management from IT Tralee in 2012. Since then Neil worked as a Deputy Manager at Boylesports where he gained experience in a fast paced retail environment and he was involved in implementing their marketing strategies.

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