Are you getting the most out of a staff training session?

Let’s get the bad news out of the way first…there is no magic formula for becoming immediately au fait with a new software solution, however, there are plenty of ways to ensure you get the best you can out of a training session. A lot of emphasis is placed on the actual training session with little consideration giving to pre-training preparation and post-training software engagement. Why are pre and post training so important I hear you ask? Well let’s start at the basics – you need to know your training needs. It is pointless sitting in on a training session without fully understanding why you are there or what you want to get out of it. So before the training takes places ensure you familiarise yourself with the training areas, know what is going to be covered and have established learning outcomes for yourself. It is important to prepare training goals and understand how this software solution is going to assist you in your daily work.

Now that you have established what you require from the training session you will undoubtedly become more focused and engaged in the training session. If you find the training session brings back memories (good or bad!) of your school days, then something is wrong. You are not there to listen to the trainer and rely on all their knowledge to be imparted on you. You are there to be guided and assisted and you must be an engaged learner at the training session. I am not saying the training session will be a walk in the park, sometimes actually it can feel like information overload and leave your brain feeling a bit frazzled and confused. If this is happening, then it’s a waste of time for you and the trainer. You need to stop the trainer if they are going too fast, skimming over areas of importance to you or if you are just generally lost. The trainer wants this training session to work as much as you do so airing your concerns or confusions is very much welcomed.

Post-training fear may set in as you try to remember everything that was covered in the training, but don’t worry as us mere mortals will forget 40% of what we learned within a day of learning it! How then am I going to fully get to grips with this new piece of software? Remember that old saying ‘practice makes perfect’, well that’s how. Using the software regularly is the only way you are going to get to grips with it. You need to log into the system, get familiar with its features, learn to navigate your way around it and understand how it can assist you. If any areas are not making sense to you, contact your trainer or the software solutions company for support.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help, the support team are waiting for your call. They understand that it takes times to get your head around new software and they are willing to help.

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