The Benefits Of Automating Audits For Healthcare Groups


In any healthcare organisation it is a requirement to audit your processes. Conducting timely audits is the best way of determining the efficiency and overall compliance levels of your organisation to standards set out by regulators such as HIQA, CQC, and The Joint Commission.

Auditing ensures that you are running an efficient operation and is an essential part of continuous improvement and quality management. But as we all well know, auditing is typically time-consuming and when you add in hundreds of processes across multiple facilities, auditing can become unwieldy and even impossible especially when managed on paper or spreadsheets. 

Most healthcare groups who operate with more than one facility are now turning to automation to manage their audit processes. An automated audit management system speeds up the audit process by automating the collection and collation of audit data, allowing administrators to see audit results and pull reports in real-time. The process allows administrators to spend more time analysing audit data, setting out corrective action plans and comparing the performance of their multiple facilities.

The Main Benefits

1 – Saving Time & Resources – As we already mentioned, auditing is time-consuming and can be quite expensive in terms of the hours spent by permanent resources conducting audits. Quality administrators who are responsible for compiling group audits spend most of their time sending multiple excel sheets out to the business and waiting on individual facilities to send back their audit findings. The administrator must then put all these results together and try and create some meaningful reports from this.

An automated audit management system will recognise your audit schedule and as audits are due will notify the relevant individuals throughout the care home or hospital network. These individuals complete their audits on laptops or handheld devices and results are automatically displayed in real-time for the quality administrators. All evidence is stored on the system so when the regulator comes knocking, it is easy for admins to show audit results, evidence and action plans that are in place.

The automated nature of the process removes the chasing of people through email for audit findings as the system carries out all the scheduling and reminders needed to ensure audits are completed. The average healthcare group can save up to 60% of the time spent auditing by automating the process.

2 – Real-Time Data At Your Fingertips – The great thing about automating the audit process is that you will always have real-time data at your fingertips. As audits are completed by staff members across the group, results will be displayed in real-time for quality administrators. With real-time information available at their fingertips, administrators can now see all areas on non-compliance across the group and pull reports instantly, being able to compare the performance of multiple homes across multiple audits.

The real-time data allows organisations to be pro-active rather than reactive when it comes to compliance auditing. Corrective actions can be created, tracked and managed until closure ensuring that any areas of potential non-compliance are mitigated against at all times.

3 – At Ease With The Regulator – An automated audit management solution will allow your organisation to prove ongoing compliance with the regulator. The system will quickly become a golden source of all audit data, evidence uploaded and corrective actions that are in place to manage any areas of non-compliance. As regulatory inspections take place, it becomes easy for quality administrators to pull up audit results and show the regulator the steps that have been taken to ensure compliance across all group homes.

The automated system provides real accountability as each facility is responsible for their own audits and all evidence and audits completed are fully audit trailed and the regulator is all about accountability and transparency.

See For Yourself

The above are just some of the ways an automated audit, risk and compliance solution such as ViClarity can benefit healthcare groups. We have implemented into over 300 facilities to date offering modules such as:

* Compliance Audits – Clinical & Non-Clinical

* Risk Management

* Incident Management

* Policy Management

* Surveys

And more customisable solutions that can automate any existing workflows or checklists.

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